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6 Best Stylish Hair Accessories to Wear This Winter

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The winter months bring with them a new wardrobe, and a change in clothing means a change in accessories as well. While summer accessories like bright colored bags, colorful headbands and dainty jewelry shine during the warmer months, winter accessories tend to make a different kind of statement. Of course, no winter wardrobe is complete without a signature scarf, a killer pair of black boots and a go-to winter handbag, but it’s important to finish off a winter ensemble with a stylish hair accessory as well! Here are the best hair accessories to include in your wardrobe this winter.

  1. Wide Brim Hat: Hats are arguably the most important (and practical) winter accessory because they help to keep the head warm in even the coldest of temperatures. A wide brim hat in a classic winter color like hunter green, navy or black is a great addition to nicer outfits or an easy way to elevate jeans and a sweater. To keep the hair looking healthy and shiny underneath the hat, try styling it with a shine-inducing spray, which will help fight frizz, protect against damage and keep the hair looking sleek all day long. 
  1. Ear Muffs: Another stylish-yet-practical winter hair accessory to wear this winter is a pair of fashionable ear muffs. These chic ear coverings have been around forever, but they’re definitely having a special moment this year. Ear muffs offer the warmth of a winter hat while still allowing for fully styled hair to be seen, which means a fresh blowout and accompanying hair styling products will not go to waste. 
  1. Printed Scarf: The scarf is a versatile accessory that can be used in a number of ways regardless of the season, but when it comes to accessorizing winter outfits, a stylish printed scarf can take an outfit to the next level with little effort. For those with classic or preppy-inspired style, a scarf is a great addition to a half-up or ponytail hairstyle when wrapped around the hair band or tied in a loose bow. This will add color, give off sophisticated vibes and create more movement within the hair. 
  1. Beanie: Bad hair days and winter weather are no match for the ultimate winter hair accessory. The beanie is a classic knit hat that exudes winter style and has remained a must-have cold weather accessory for years. The iconic hat’s popularity is not hindered by age, gender or most personal style preferences as there are countless styles, colors and sizes of them to be found. Speaking of finding them, they’re quite easy to spot online or in many clothing stores, so it’s easy to find a great beanie that matches one’s winter style at any price point.

If coverage from the cold or a bad hair day is the goal, spray some high-quality dry shampoo on the hair and brush through the ends before donning a beanie. For a more elevated beanie look, style hair normally while concentrating on the middle and end areas so they really pop underneath the hat!

  1. Statement Headband: Stay on trend this winter with a fun and fashionable headband that will bring attention to the face and look great with other winter accessories. Statement headbands are all the rage and, from puffy nylon styles to velvet or bedazzled versions, there is no shortage of differing options. When it comes to styling hair with a fun headband, be sure to create a balance between the two. For longer hair, grab a curler with a wide barrel and create soft, brushed-through waves. Those with shorter hair might turn up the volume and texture to amplify the headband even more. Finish either look with a reliable salon hairspray for long-lasting hold.
  1. Clips, Pins and More: A hat isn’t always the right winter accessory, especially if the hair is intended to be the focal point of the look. This might be a result of personal preference or in preparation for a more formal event like a holiday party, wedding or date night. For this type of occasion, consider a hair accessory that shines and will add to nicer evening attire. This might come in the form of an oversized clip covered in faux pearls, a chic barrette, a set of metallic bobby pins or even a retro-inspired comb with a design or embellishment. Since there are so many options when it comes to these smaller hair accessories, the hair styling is completely at the discretion of the wearer. Be sure to hold the look with hairspray to keep everything in place for the entire night.
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