How to create a chic working from home look

home look
home look

If you’re now working from home more often than not, there’s every chance that you dress much more casually than you once did. While you shouldn’t feel obliged to dress up for anyone, you should think about how your appearance makes you look and feel. So, here are some top tips that will help you feel your brilliant best when you’re working from home. 

Wear the right shoes 

The shoes you wear speak volumes about your chosen outfit. Few things can beat crisp white trainers or summer sandals when you’re hoping to keep things chic, and they are perfect for rounding off your gorgeous chosen outfit. When added to a classy dress with feminine frills, the right footwear truly makes all the difference. 

Consider your outerwear 

To feel a little more formal over Zoom, adding the right outwear to your outfit can make all the difference. You can up the ante with a cool, cropped leather jacket or a neutral blazer. Go for a midi or maxi shape to emphasise your waist, or go for an oversized blazer to smarten things up ever so slightly. A carefully selected piece of outerwear will help you crank things up a notch when you’re working from home.

Always do your hair 

Whether you’re a hair up or hair down kind of gal, don’t fall into the trap of leaving your bed hair on show. No matter your chosen hairstyle, you can spruce up your look by putting in the time and effort to make your hair look stunning as you interact with your colleagues. For a simple yet sophisticated look, go for a top knot or high pony, and you will showcase your unique and individual style no matter the task at hand.


The quickest way to spruce up your work from home look is to accessorise. Be it bold earrings or a statement piece of jewellery, turning to a chic collection of stunning accessories can make all the difference. This season, studded or chain-link straps are very much in and will add some glitz and glamour to your chosen look as you set up for a day in front of your computer. 

So, if you find yourself working from home more often than not, don’t fall into the bad habit of ignoring what you wear. When paired with some fashionable accessories, the right dress is precisely what you need to look your brilliant best when you start the day in your home office.