5 Reasons to Change How You Remove Hair

Remove Hair

Removing hair can be a pain, a bother, and a nuisance to your wallet. People grin and bear it because hair removal is a normal part of their grooming and it allows them to physically present themselves the way they want to. But why should hair removal mean dealing with inconvenience and discomfort? Fortunately, shaving is no longer the standard method for hair removal. From waxing and sugaring to laser hair removal and electrolysis, hair removal no longer has to stick with the status quo. And even with these other options now in heavy rotation, it is still important to choose which ones work best for you. Keep reading for five reasons why you should change the way you remove hair:

I am considering getting full-body laser hair removal to achieve long-lasting hair reduction and smooth skin all over my body.


Getting your desired results for hair removal and smooth skin is the ultimate goal. However, it can become an inconvenience when it involves trekking to and from multiple appointments, draining your wallet, and juggling your physician’s schedule. Sometimes going the simpler route is better not just for your time, but also for your peace of mind. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Hand-held devices like Lumi put the power of in-office laser treatments in your hands, allowing you to achieve amazing results at home. And for people who want something non-electric, at-home waxing and sugaring deliver smooth results as well without the appointment. Of course, a quick shave has been known to be the most convenient, but other options prove to be easeful as well.

Ingrown Hairs

No one wants an ingrown hair. They’re uncomfortable, unflattering, and can mark the skin. People with thick or coarse hair can even be more prone to experiencing ingrowns in multitudes. The way we choose to remove hair affects how the hair will regrow and how the skin will react. Because shaving only eliminates the hair on top of the skin rather than removing the hair follicle at the root, hair is more likely to regrow into the skin or irritate the skin with stubble. On the flip side, methods that eliminate hair at the root such as waxing and sugaring allow the hair to grow back slower and finer, lessening the chances for irritation and ingrowns.

Damage to Skin

Not all methods of hair removal are for everybody, and it shows in how skin reacts to manipulation or treatment. Shaving can cause cuts and razor burns on the skin, so switching to something softer could be a suitable alternative. Some people switch to waxing and receive great benefits, while others may find waxing to be too abrasive. In that case, sugaring is a softer choice that uses natural ingredients, has a smoother consistency, and delivers similar results. And for people with skin sensitivity issues or people who have allergies to wax, using IPL or laser hair removal instead makes for smooth skin without the reaction.


Though some choices for hair removal prove to be very effective and achieve long-term results, they can also be on the expensive side and drain the wallet. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are good examples of this, since both have to be done in-office, are expensive, and require repeated treatments over time. To cut costs, other methods may be best to pursue instead. Waxing and sugaring are a couple of options that are less costly and can still achieve smooth, professional results. However, if you still want that laser-like precision, hand-held IPL hair removal tools are available to use with just a one-time purchase, delivering smooth results and delayed regrowth just like in-office treatments.


Depending on how you go about it, the effects of removing hair only last a day or two. After that, hair shows back up and it’s time to remove it again. Shaving, for example, does not provide lasting results and must be done more often to keep smooth skin. For long-lasting results, changing the method becomes necessary. Rather than shaving every day or so, waxing or sugaring could be a better go-to if you want to avoid hair for a week or more. And for hair that barely grows back, laser hair removal and electrolysis are the true standards of longevity.

Switching up your hair removal routine can not only benefit your skin’s health, but can also help you discover how you react to different methods, allowing you to figure out exactly what works best for you. It is also important to find a good med spa, such as SEV Laser, which offers it’s high quality services all over the USA. One of the most popular location, is laser hair removal Austin, check it out!