Friday, June 25, 2021

Vampire Diaries Inspired Outfits

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Is there a TV show you love that provides great fashion inspiration? If so, I have some outfits for you! The Vampire Diaries is a hit CW series about supernatural creatures and their humanity. In an interview with the cast of the Vampire Diaries, they talk about what inspired them to create these iconic looks and how important it is to maintain costumes in order to keep them looking fresh.

Love the drama of this emo outfit. A burnt-out, the black romper is paired with a white turtleneck and gold chain necklace for an edgy night look! The dress could easily be worn by itself or over jeans as well. Add some messy hair and deep eye makeup to complete your new grunge style.

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This all-black outfit is perfect if you’re feeling down on yourself; it’s hard not to feel better in such dark attire that accentuates every curve in your body like never before! With skin-tight leggings, a formfitting tank top, lace-up stilettos, and sheer panel to split skirt.

The red lace top what Katherine wears on the show.

In order to make this outfit you will need:

  • Red Lace Top (Style)
  • Sleeveless Black Dress (Brand, Style and Size)
  • Knee High Boots or Stilettos in a darker color than your dress (Size and Color).
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To complete this look simply put your hair up in an elegant bun with some dark lipstick for that long-lasting vampiric effect! This chic ensemble can be worn at any time of day and night. It could also work as a cute date night style too! Add black cat earrings for more fun! Be creative when assembling these pieces together; there are so many options!

The blue and pink checked shirt what Elena Gilbert wears on the show.

  • Blue and Pink Checked Shirt (Brand, Style and Size)
  • Black Leggings or Jeans (Size and Color).

The v-neck layered top Caroline Forbes wears.

  • Light pink or light purple tank top/cami (brand, style, and size)
  • Black leggings or jeggings (size and color).

Some other outfit options:

The long sleeve gray shirt that Damon Salvatore wears on the show. The grey jeans that Stefan Salvatore is wearing during season one episode “Fool Me Once”.

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The black high-waisted jeans Elena Gilbert wears.

The distressed skinny jeans with a white hemline and back pockets, Jeremy Gilbert wears.

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