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How CBAP Certification helps a Business Professional?

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CBAP certification is the most vehemently coveted certification among individuals aiming to be influencing business tycoons, and is the short form for Certified Business Analysis Professional.

Someone has rightly said that trust is like eraser, the lesser it gets for following mistakes. In this world full of tricksters, the reliable way of hiring competent employees is to verify their certification and training on the required fields. 

The eligibility criteria for being eligible for CBAP are:- 

  • 7500 business analysis hours in near past
  • A minimum of 900 hours of work experience in at least four knowledge areas of the 6 in total.
  • Two references from a colleague, CBAP recipient
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The above requirements might seem a piece of cake or just a bunch of few words but they are an uphill task to achieve. It takes years whet stoning oneself to be eligible for appearing the certification test lest should you be ineligible.

The easiest way to become a Certified Business Analysis Professional is to get certified by undertaking exams like ECBA (Entry Certificate Business Analysis), CCBA (Certification of Competency for Business Analysis), CBATL (Certified Business Analysis Thought Leads), CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) Certification, etc. The CBAP certification has been considered the best so far from the lot.

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Aspirants must be thorough with the BABOK, a guide to be covered for CBAP test. BABOK stands for Business Analysis body Of Knowledge guide and has been correctly referred to as beginners’ Bible in Business Analysis Professional Certification tests. This guide encompasses several critical chapters and personal development tricks and tips along with model questions that are bound to bring you fame and certificate. Through the real life situations explained in the guide, one’s self is bound to fly high with the help of improved personality, risk management, communication skills, relationship building, rapport maintenance, etc.

Also commonly known as the PDs, personal development hours are other criteria to be met by a candidate to appear for the Certified Business Analysis Professional test. A minimum of 35 personal development hours are to be shown proof of while applying for the exam. These include arenas of communication, problem solving, critical thinking etc. and other qualities’ improvement. These sharpen the persona of the individual further.

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Choosing a mentor / instructor / trainer for oneself has been recommended to come off with flying colors in this test. A remarkable captain survives the storm, the best save their crew. Search through LinkedIn, Face book, etc. and get yourself a suitable mentor for guidance. A mentor with Certified Business Analysis Professional certification and experience in business analysis is advisable. A mentor not only will teach you tricks and tips to crack the exam and guide you through the course but will give you a hand in the betterment of your own self at a personal level. Confidence, self esteem, professionalism are all gifts of a teacher to his disciple.

The renewal process for CBAP is also a tedious work as it requires the aspirant, a certified aspirant, to continue gaining rewards via work experience and thus renew hi s or her certificate with the credits earned. Conferences, workshops, webinars, teaching and training sessions, presentations, self study hours are also credited towards renewal. 

Business analyst in Flipkart, Amazon, business consultant in Infosys, pricing analyst in DHL express, Senior Manager in Yes Bank, etc. are just some of the ever increasing list of posts in famous companies for an individual with CBAP certification. 

As is clear from the above justification, CBAP not only improves the knowledge of an individual but also develops his personality. It builds up a strong persona inculcated with all the professional qualities. A certified CBAP holder is responsible for their mistake as well as sensible towards that of others. They are punctual and strict on timely matters as well as considerate towards emergencies. They know how to put limits as well as where and when to be flexible. The diplomacy and intellect of a CBAP certified individual can’t be ever questioned as the certification requires them to stay updated about the recent breakthroughs in business arena for the renewal and credibility of their certificates. Thus it can be said without a single hint of doubt that CBAP builds and improves professionalism of an individual.

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