Monday, September 28, 2020

Why You Should Use Hand Sanitisers as a Promotional Merchandise for Your Business

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While a majority of businesses today rely on digital marketing to increase sales and boost brand awareness, the value of promotional products is stronger than ever. One study revealed that the recall rate of consumers for corporate giveaways is as high as 85 per cent. Consumers easily remembered companies that gave them a physical item that they can touch and use, instead of a flyer or brochure.

Despite the appeal of social media and digital advertisements, people are still naturally drawn to tangible things that evoke the various senses. As such, your business should continue to utilise promotional products as a marketing strategy. While there are branded giveaway items you can choose from, you can never go wrong if you opt for hand sanitisers for the following reasons:


As more and more people recognise the value of keeping hands clean to prevent illnesses, the demand for hand sanitising liquids and gels are increasing at a staggering pace. Given this newfound recognition and high demand, giving out custom branded hand sanitizer will ensure a positive and warm response from your existing and potential customers.

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Marketing experts share that the mere handing out of promotional items can go a long way in building a good relationship with consumers. A 2016 advertising study revealed that 76 per cent of people who received any promotional item developed a favourable attitude towards the business that gives it to them. If a mere keychain or pen evokes positive feelings among consumers, how much more loyal will they be if you provide them with something that they truly need?


Giving custom branded hand sanitising liquids or gels is more cost-effective than other marketing methods. Apart from affordability, using sanitisers to promote your brand goes a long way than what you initially invested. 

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For instance, if you rely on a print advertisement, you will not only be spending much more, but you also have no way of knowing if your ad will be read. When you give out sanitisers, on the other hand, the overall cost will be much lower, and you can at least be sure that people will see your brand and logo. 


Sanitisers come in a variety of types, colours, and forms, which means it is easy to adapt them to your brand and the occasion. If your company caters to students, you can give pocket-size sanitiser sprays that they carry on their pockets and use anywhere. For clients who are medical practitioners, you can opt for large sanitiser bottles with pumps that they can use in their offices where patients can see them.


Keep in mind that you are not giving out promotional products just to make your target audience happy. You took the time to find a reputable supplier of custom merchandise so that your company name and logo will be visible to boost brand recall. Given this goal, you need an item that people carry around wherever they go, like hand sanitisers. 

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Why would you spend your precious marketing budget on products that people keep in their drawers, and others would not see? When you use sanitisers, you can be assured that your logo will be seen by numerous people every day. 

Every time your customer takes out and uses the sanitiser, the people around him/her can see your brand name. Make your sanitiser design and colour more appealing so that people would even borrow the item to get a closer look. Such a method is more engaging and impactful than costly television or print advertisements.

Promotional giveaways send the message that you care about your customers, and what better way to deliver this message than handing out custom hand sanitisers that will keep their hands germ-free? Try this marketing strategy, and you will find your customers more loyal and patronising of your products and services as ever.

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