All you need to know about Poker Ranking

All you need to know about Poker Ranking
All you need to know about Poker Ranking

Poker is the most popular and widely used game of cards. The game is full of fun and testing your luck factor. Besides all the fun and luck, you also need to know all factors that poker consists of, including the card rankings. Knowing the poker hands rank of the cards, makes you play the game with ease. There are many different ranks that may confuse you, but by practicing daily you will know the cards are put in order. 

You seem to be interested in knowing more about the game and you are at the right place to know. 

Poker Ranking 

The deck of 52 cards has different rankings as per the different cards. If you are new to this gaming, then these are the higher-ranking pairs of cards that can help you win.

  1. Straight Flush 

Straight Flush is the most powerful rank that can not be beaten up by any pair of cards. For this, you need to have the same numbering sequence cards along with the same suit.

Royal Flush is also the highest-ranking card. If it includes an ace,  king, queen, jack, and 10, also they should belong to a similar suit.

  1. 4 of a kind

For 4 of a kind, you need to have  4 cards like 3 patti of common ranking but different suits out of the five. A kicker card is the one card that is left.

  1. Full House

A Full House occurs when you have 3 cards of common ranking plus the remaining two also have a similar ranking. This set of cards are also taken under consideration. For example, see this, 7 of spades, 7 of hearts, 7 of clubs, 9 of hearts, and 9 of clubs, this can be considered. 

  1. The Flush 

Cards that belong to the same suit but have different rankings are known as the Flush. The dealer considers these pairs of cards. 

  1. Straight 

When the pair of 5 cards have a common ranking then the retailer considers it Straight. Little similar to Flush but not much.

  1. Three of a kind

3 cards with common ranking are allowed but not the common suits. The remaining two cards matter when the game is between you and another player, the highest-ranking card wins the game. 

  1. 2 pair cards 

This happens when 2 pairs of 2 cards hold a common ranking. 2 pairs of the card seem to have a similarity.

  1. Pair

2 cards sharing the common ranking are called Pairs.


The game involves many pairs of cards. As you know poker is the game of cards and you are full of 52 different options available. So these were all the rankings that you needed to have an idea of before playing this game. These are the rankings that can help you win the game without any of your sheer luck, all by the rankings themselves. This ranking system of the cards is considered by the dealer during the game. This is a kind of shortcut for winning and promoting to the next round. I hope this will help you earn more chips and play the game with more interest.