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Unique Wall Décor Ideas for Your Home

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Finding the right decoration for a blank wall can be challenging: You know you’re going to spend every day looking at whatever you choose, so it better be something you love. If you’re tired of opting for photographs and mirrors, check out our unique wall décor ideas. There’s something for everyone, from cute hanging succulents to chalkboard walls.

Add Texture with a Tapestry

Consider hanging a pretty tapestry if you want to inject an instant splash of color into your room. Not only are tapestries a great way to fill large wall space, but they also bring warmth, sound dampening, and texture into a room in a way that picture frames and posters don’t. Many wall hangings also double up as blankets, throws, or even scarves, so any time you want to refresh the look of your room, you can whip it off the wall and drape it over your bed or couch. 

Illuminate Your Walls

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There’s no better way to create a sense of warmth and depth in a room than layering various light sources, but lighting can also be used as a unique way to decorate an empty wall. For a bold, modern look, install a neon light that spells out a word you love. Alternatively, you could introduce an industrial vibe by suspending exposed Edison light bulbs at different heights.

If you prefer boho décor, try stringing up some twinkle lights. String lights aren’t just for the holidays; there are hundreds of styles that can help you add color and personality to your home, including funky pom-pom fairy lights.

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Curate a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a carefully curated collection of photos, paintings, and prints hung in frames to create an enticing display. They allow you to show off your favorite pieces and express yourself through your décor. Using different-sized frames gives your wall a dynamic feel that keeps the eye entertained. For an eclectic feel, opt for frames of different styles, shapes, and colors or keep things minimal with the same style of picture frame.

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Create a Wall of Plants

Plants bring life and color into a room. Instead of traditional plant pots, embrace some more unusual ways of introducing greenery into your space, such as a rustic pallet planter or a fun faux succulent. If you’re worried that plants require too much maintenance, pick up some lifelike faux succulents in charming pots and hang them at different heights from simple hooks or a piece of weathered driftwood.

Paint a Mural

If you’re artistically minded, how about turning your hand to mural painting? The lovely thing about creating your own mural is that it will be completely one-of-a-kind and tailored for your space. You can also turn it into a group activity involving your friends and family. Nervous about taking on such a big project? Remember, if you don’t like what you create, you can always paint over it! However, if you really think that mural painting is beyond your talents, you can either hire a professional artist or pick up a mural-style wallpaper for a similar look. 

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Display Unusual Objects

If you’re looking for a truly unique way to decorate your walls, use some of your favorite objects you might typically store out of sight. Items such as hats, bikes, musical instruments, and even clothes make wonderfully quirky features when hung up on an empty wall. This multifunctional décor is useful for making over small spaces that lack storage, as it not only solves problems such as “where do I store my bike?” but it gives your home an original style.


Make Your Own Chalkboard Wall

Embrace your playful side by painting your wall with chalkboard paint and creating a giant chalkboard. This look is ideal for playrooms, offices, and kitchens but could be used anywhere in your home. Use your new chalkboard wall to draw your monthly schedule, write inspirational quotes, note down to-do lists, or simply let your kids have fun doodling. Chalkboard paint comes in various colors, so if classic black doesn’t work with your aesthetic, you can pick a shade that blends with the rest of your décor.

Hang Plates or Baskets

Displaying decorative plates is a traditional interior design look that’s come back into style in recent years. Pretty plates bring color and dimension to a room and are affordable to pick up at vintage stores or markets while on vacation. For an elegant aesthetic, opt for fine china dishes with delicate floral prints. If you love the Mediterranean style, collect plates in bold colors and patterns.

As a quirky alternative to hanging plates, why not show off beautiful woven baskets? Select sophisticated neutral tones or bright hues in funky patterns. This look is perfect for lovers of Scandi or boho décor or anyone who wants an unusual focal point for their room.

Fit Floating Bookshelves

Books always make an attractive addition to a room, but bookcases can take up too much room. Floating bookshelves allow you to use your wall space to store your precious books without sacrificing your floor space. Floating bookshelves make books appear as though they are suspended in midair for adding a touch of magic to your room. Experiment with different placements of your shelves until you find an arrangement that works in your space. For extra aesthetic appeal, color coordinate your book spines.

Compile a Mirror Wall

Mirrors are commonly used in interior design to create the illusion of a bigger space, but, by compiling a variety of mirrors of different styles, shapes, and sizes, you can create a mirror gallery wall that adds light, texture, and interest to your space. Pair elaborate gilded mirrors with bamboo sunburst mirrors to build a rich, chic collection. If you want to get original, hang vintage handheld mirrors.

Express Yourself Through Your Décor

Decorating a wall doesn’t have to mean hanging paintings or photos; you can express your personality and taste, as well as solve issues such as a lack of storage while creating a unique decorative focal point. Don’t be afraid to take some risks with your décor; you might discover something you love.

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