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Major Pitfalls in online Football

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Every football gambler sometimes encounters a crucial mistake in his betting career. That is why Football gamble lists the 5 most common mistakes when gambling online football. After all, every mistake we learn from makes us a better football bet. There are many websites including UFABET for online betting.

A bookmaker as a regular café

Many novice football gamblers have an account with only one bookmaker. After all, they think that the other football betting providers are less good and do not feel like creating an account elsewhere.

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After all, every bookmaker has its own unique odds. These odds can differ significantly from each other in certain matches, so you can take advantage of the highest odds. Maybe a piece of cake in one game, but a big difference in the long term. Don’t pass up these pennies!

Impulsive is negative

You won 150 euros on Thursday evening and want to do just as well the day after. Without doing your homework, you randomly choose a live bet and hope so! In the long run, such things are deadly for your bankroll. Avoid them at all times.

You win some, you lose some

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You just saw 50 euros drilled through your nose by a goal at the very last minute. To make up for this loss as quickly as possible, choose a random bet of odds of 2.00. With a deposit of 50 euros – while you normally only bet 20 euros – you earn back your loss in one go. Such a move may well end, but sooner or later it will go wrong. So accept that losing is part of the game when gambling on football. Discipline is the keyword here!

Too high a bet

Many people who gamble on football commit too much bet per bet. Only the balance on the account is looked at and the stake is determined on that basis. But perhaps you have noticed a ‘certainty’?

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In order to be profitable in the long term, you will need to do bankroll management. The cake model is definitely recommended for the strategic management of your money. Above all, remember that you should never place more than 5% of your bankroll on one match. If you want to build in even more security, you can lower this percentage to 2%.

The call of great fate

Most football gamblers hope to make a huge sum of money with a small bet. After all, friend Karel or cousin Jan also once won 750 euros with an investment of 5 euros. And on the news, there was a winner of more than 225,000 euros with a stake of 19 euros. You want to experience that yourself!


Just like learning to drive a car, it also takes effort and time to bet on football as best as possible. The first football gambler who never makes a stupid decision may still have to be born. However, don’t be a donkey that hits the same stone twice. Making mistakes is allowed and is even normal. As long as you learn from this, there is nothing to worry about. That way you will make more profit step by step with your football bets.

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