Salman Khan’s “Tubelight” Teaser Released. Get Inside Updates Here

salman khan tubelight
salman khan tubelight

With 3 movies in the top 10 list of the highest grossing films in Hindi films, Salman Khan sure knows how to give hit by hits in the box office. It is a known fact about the fan following of Bhai as Salman Khan is fondly called by his fans, and it is a proven fact that his films will be a hit no matter what. And that is why producers and directors want to work with him. From hits films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan to Sultan to Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, this Eid 2017 comes his latest venture. The film is titled Tubelight, the film is set against a war backdrop and by looking at the trailer which was released a few hours back and by looking at the trailer, the film is a complete mixture of emotions, actions and the magic of Bhai.


The main protagonist is the character of Laxman Singh Bisht, who is also called Tubelight, owing to his slower reflexes and movement. The word Tubelight is also used by people to denote people with low IQ. Sohail Khan is also in the film playing the part of Bharat who is Laxman’s brother. In the trailer, Bharat joins the army when war breaks out with a neighbouring country and hence soon he realize the hardships and sacrifice of the people in the armed forces and that of a soldiers life. The trailer takes a sudden turn from intriguing to soulful. Bharat goes MIA, and everyone believes that he has died in the war but Laxman thinks otherwise. With this, the main theme of the film comes to notice that is ‘Belief and Trust’ The makers of the film have also roped in Chinese actor Zhu Zhu to cater and be accepted by the international audience and markets.

How the film fare in the box office is only a matter of time and time will be the judge of the success of the movie, actually, to be honest, it will the fans and the audience of the film which will either make it or break it. All the best from our side to the makers of the film for a good run at the box office.