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1970’s Fashion Trends That Are Scorching Hot This Year!

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Critics claim that the 70’s is an era famous for its bad taste in fashion. Nevertheless, we’ve seen how much many love bringing back old trends and giving them a modern twist. This year, high-end fashion-designers came hand in hand and decided that the 1970s style is due for a major come back. Buy bandana now since it will be a hit this 2020, especially if it’s paired with your perky face mask!

Today’s top trends made a quick tour in the past, only to bring us modern retro styles we can embrace and rock. Check out the hottest and juiciest 1970s throwback trends you wouldn’t want to miss.

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

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If there is one accessory trend that never fails to impress, then that would be timeless pearls. Back in the 70s, women enjoyed wearing their pearls in long necklaces paired with silky satin dresses. With pearls back in the limelight, you can find different ways to wear pearls to compliment and complete your outfit.

Straw Bags Then and Now

That’s right! Those straw totes and shoulder bags all over Instagram used to be a big hit in the 70s. This used to be an effortless glamour accessory made famous by Jane Birkin. Nowadays, one can find chic straw bags in different shapes, structures, and sizes. No matter the season, your outfit will always look cute and fun with a straw bag at hand.

Disco Manifests Glitters and Shines

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Wonder where designers got the idea of the metallic clothes, sequin-filled garments, and embellished bustiers? You guessed it right! This retro style of clothing is taking the runways by storm. So, don’t be afraid to take out those shiny and shimmery disco dresses and feel super trendy and ultra cool on special parties and events.

Earthy Tones are Sooo In

Is black your go-to color of choice? Then you might want to reconsider rich brown colors, for earthy colors are back as the new black! Chloe and Fendi made it clear that one of the best ways to rock brown is by busting an old fashion myth – by donning an outfit with black and brown colors. If you’re one to consider wearing this earthy hue sometime soon, you can incorporate this in your OOTD by wearing chic leather shoes and bags in copper, camel and chocolate colors.   

Say Hi to Nerdy Corduroys

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Many used to have a love-hate relationship with clothes made of corduroy merely because they find it hard to match. But, in reality, corduroys are fun and easy to style. The trick is by mixing this distinct pattern with soft materials. For example, pair a corduroy skirt with a silk shirt for a fun contrast. 

Go Wide with Wide Leg Trousers

That’s right. It looks like skinny jeans are officially out, thanks to the big elephant in the room! Wide Leg Trousers are an excellent choice if you aim to elongate your legs while bringing attention to your waist. Just make sure to choose one that is high-waist, and to pair it with a tight fitting top for balance.

Tall Boots for Everyone

You may or may not be a fan of thigh-high or knee-high boots, but these types of shoes might be what you need to give your OOTD that “oomph” it needs. You don’t have to wear it like how the Kardashians rock them with skimpy skirts and dresses. Grab a pair of knee-high womens ugg boots, match them with a sheer midi dress and you’re good to go.

Fanny Packs are Back

Fanny packs used these ugly and unwanted nylon bags. After actress, singer, and songwriter Donna Summer proved they could be chic and stylish too by wearing them during one performance in the late 70s, many began to take an interest. Nowadays, fanny packs come in many names like bag belts and hip packs and even graced the runway. Many stars and fashion icons embraced the trend, and of course, fashionistas worldwide gave fanny packs a second chance.

The Matrix Glasses are Here

Cat-eyed sunglasses used to be Marilyn Monroe’s favorite. She was seen and photographed a couple of times rocking a pair of skinny cat-eye frames. And if you haven’t noticed, such eyewear already made a massive comeback in the catwalk, and huge fashion icons are loving “The Matrix” look. Skinny sunglasses with reflective cat-eyes gave birth to super chic and Instagram-worthy OOTDs that many have come to love.

Giant Hoop Earrings for the Win

Love those big hoop earrings? Then you must know that these babies were already a crowd favorite back in the 70s. They are often worn by Diana Ross, who knew that a single pair of these round and supersized earrings are more than enough to complete her outfit. Celebrities nowadays are loving how effortlessly cool and trendy giant hoop earrings are, and is evident by the number of stars wearing them in and out of the red carpet. 

Denim on Denim

The denim look is a classic retro style, and has resurfaced after a couple of decades to take the back stage. The elegance, simplicity and easy to style characteristics of denim makes it a go-to look and wardrobe must-have. Go for a lighter denim top to draw attention to your chest and waist, and a pair of dark denim for your bottoms for a flattering look.

Sleek and Stylish Power Suits

Power dressing started way back in the 1920s. By the 1970s, this fashion style became prominent giving it a sexy yet sophisticated look. Shoulder pads were a thing back in the 70s, and most power suits have them – the bigger and broader, the better. Nowadays, we do not only use suits as office uniforms and attires. Many power suits now come in different cuts, styles, and colors, making them more versatile, fun and fashionable enough as street wear.

Ain’t these fashion trends giving you a sense of nostalgia? It’s no wonder why some styles do come and go, while others only take a break only to return a few years later. Fashion designers have a knack for bringing cool statements from the past and giving them a modern twist to fit. What are you waiting for, buy bandana and be in touch with the latest fashion trends. Which 70s style do you love the most? Write us back by commenting on the section below!

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