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Youth is an essential phase of life for any human being. A young man has a sea of possibilities for every single thing. Young men are the powerhouse of all the energy and enthusiasm and of course, style. You can try out new style tips and tricks only when you are young. With all this, you must look sharp. If you are in your 20s and looking for tips that will make you look sharper, look no further, because this article is all about those 5 things you should keep in mind to look sharp as a young guy. The goodness and energy in you naturally reflects in your looks and has to be presented by you with your sharp ways. Read on to find out what is the secret behind you looking like the perfect youth – the builder of the nation.


Keep a good taste

1. Have Self confidence

The first and foremost thing about maintaining a sharp personality is the confidence you have in you. It reflects in your eyes, your words, your movements and your style. Know what you are worth, know that you have and are everything that people around you admire in you, know that you are worth a word of praise. It is a force that makes you strong from inside and dignified among those you are with. Having the attitude of confidence, however is different from showing overconfidence, avoid that or people will misread you as a bragger.

2. Value your style

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You can look sharp only if you care about doing so. When you are going somewhere or meeting someone at your place, always give some time to your look for the occasion and make sure it is smooth and acceptable. If you value your style and your image, you make it better and in return it makes you look better. The way you present yourself at a place tells a lot about how much you value it or the people there and that makes a lot of difference.

3. Keep a good taste in shoes

Keep a good taste in shoes

Wearing nice shoes is as important as having a welcoming smile. Visit to discover what the right shoes for you are.. It is one of the primary things people notice about you. If you are a young guy growing into a man, you must keep in mind the saying “nice men wear nice shoes”. A good quality, comfortable fit and aesthetic pair of shoes with ankle socks for men can take you ahead of others in the personality quest – of course along with the other qualities. Leather shoes is one of the best to go with but it could be anything good according to your occasion. A nice pair of shoes may cost you good but it definitely is a worthy investment as it lasts long.

4. Take care of your clothing

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Having a sharp look doesn’t mean that you take out a new set of dresses or shoes everytime you move out. You should take care of your collection, keep them clean, the formals pressed and the shoes spotless. Keeping your clothes clean, organized and in good form is a habit that reflects in the way you carry them. If you keep them good, you carry them better that others and they give your look better points for style. 

5. Fit to It

So long as you are home, baggy shorts and oversized tees are excused. But the moment you step out to somewhere you have an image or want to create one, fit is the first need of your dressing. If you are going to walmart wear shorts which looks good on you. I personally love lucky brand shorts they are elegant and they use good fabric. The slightest of misfits can make your clothes look borrowed or uncared about. A perfect fit of clothes in a way tells others that you have looked forward to the occasion and that can be very encouraging or endearing. Before you look at the fabric, function or any other feature, you should check the fit of what you are buying so it never let’s down your style.

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