Benefits of Using a Facial Steamer

Benice Facial Steamer 563x563 1
Benice Facial Steamer 563x563 1

Beautiful and healthy skin is a goal that almost everyone nowadays seeks. For those having trouble looking after their skin or improving their general health, a facial steamer is just the right thing they need. Steaming your face at the end of a hectic day is a soothing way of tending your skin.

Not only does it improve blood flow in your face but it also gets rid of any impurities. You’ll find a lot of beauticians recommending it, but what makes facial steamers so popular?

With the help of research from in Sri Lanka, let’s go through a few of the benefits of using a facial steamer and find out.

  • Cleanses your face

Deep cleansing is among the most prominent benefits of using a facial steamer. It cleanses your skin naturally, removing any impurities in the process. The heat from the steam opens up the pores in our skin while exposing any bacteria and dirt. Next, we can use a scrub or cleanser to remove the impurities and dead skin cells easily. Facial steamers also help opening up any blocked pores from an excess of natural skin oil known as sebum.

  • Eliminates blackheads and whiteheads

The heat from the facial steamer and the evaporation process will significantly soften up the pores in your skin. Afterward, it is much easier to remove blackheads or whiteheads using a pore strip or any blackhead removal tool. The steam will melt the blockage in pores from excess skin oil that piles up and eventually forms a blackhead.

  • Prevents acne

Facial steamers play their part in preventing acne from breaking out by targeting the blocked pores. Clogged pores make your skin more prone to irritation and infection that could later lead to acne. The heat from facial steamers will make you sweat, causing the blocked pores to open up. As a result, the piled-up sebum in your skin breaks away. It releases any bacteria or impurities that could later contribute to causing an acne breakout. Even if acne is not a problem you are facing, regularly steaming your face will help prevent it in the future.

  • Improves blood circulation

Facial steamers cause to widen the blood vessels in your face, resulting in increased blood circulation. A boost in blood flow delivers oxygen to your face and nourishes your skin leaving behind a naturally glowing skin. Moreover, an increased dose of oxygen and nutrients in the blood directly impacts our skin. It makes your skin glowy and healthy, making you look younger.

  • Skin responds better to other products

Once the pores are opened up, the skin becomes more sensitive to other skin treatments and products. Facial steamers will let you enjoy better results for other treatments and skincare programs. Steaming your skin exfoliates bacteria and dead skin cells, removing the cover of impurities that envelope your skin. As a result, beauty products can now penetrate the skin and absorb better.


Facial steamers provide us with a ton of benefits ranging from acne prevention to blackhead removal and glowing skin. They allow moisturizers and other products to respond more effectively to our skin. Not to forget, facial steamers are a more economical option for skincare as compared to highly expensive skin products out there. However, remember you don’t have to use a facial steamer each day. Once or twice a week is enough for positive results. Overusing could lead to skin dryness and inflammation.