Best dresses for tall women

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When you are a tall woman, it’s very hard to find a dress that fits you well. Finding pants, sleeves, and blazers in good and required size are very tough to find. If you get to find something according to your measurements, there is a strong chance that you might not like the colors, pattern or stuff of the dress. Tall women have a very specific option to choose their dress from.

But remember your long frame is your biggest asset and nobody can compete with you in this regard. You should pay more attention to your physique by focusing more on your long legs. You should consider fit and proportion, and get up to support your stuff.

When it comes to select the right dress for tall women like jumpsuits; you should make sure that the length of sleeves is right for you and the hemline sits where it should be, and the waist should be on your waistline.

Pick Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are specifically designed for tall girls and their gorgeous physic to take advantage of such longer pieces on their bodies. So don’t worry if your long legs and gorgeous height get highlighted by wearing maxi dresses. But make sure they have the right length.

Opt dresses that give you a clear body shape

As a tall woman, you may need to add some shape to your dress to look more beautiful. Here we have some suggestions;

  • Better wear round neck tops, whereas V-neck will just elongate your figure furthermore.
  • Go for the blazers that have defined waist.
  • You can give extra shape to your arms by wearing bell sleeves.
  • Choose peplum style as this can give your more defined shape.
  • Do try to wear tops over the bottoms instead of tucking them in.
  • You can go for A-Line skirts
  • You can go for all kinds of trousers, but it will work even better if you select trousers with a slight flare.
  • You can wear capris by combining them with some shapely tops.

Jeans for tall women

Finding the best-suited jeans for tall women can be a big problem as you might have to struggle more to get the best fitted one. Additionally, you should go for that pair of jeans which has a knee in the right place. Fortunately, there are lots of outfit brands that take care of these points. You can find jeans at their outlets that are particularly made for tall women. But be very sure about taking the right measurements before ordering something online.

It is accepted by the fashion designers that skinny jeans are the best friend of all tall women. And they need not worry about the length of the jeans but better to take care of the fitness of the piece. As if you get short jeans, take them as a style anyways.

Pants for tall women

Finding the right pair of pants is again a big issue for tall women, but don’t worry as there are lots of options where you can get section offering plus and tall sizes dresses. Visit your favorite store, and make sure that the inseam of the pants is pretty long for your legs.

Coats for tall women

Finding the right coat is a huge challenge, and this is not connected with the height. But if you are a tall woman, this is more challenging. If you got some best coat, pay attention to whether the coat’s shoulders sit properly upon your shoulders. You have to see the arm length and go through the waistline. And don’t forget to check where the ham ends on your body.

Shirts for Tall women

For shirts, you also need to check it when you are in the store, as there is again an issue of finding the shoulder and sleeve length accurately. So if you are not happy with the length of your sleeves, better roll it out and move on to the next article.

Go for the Jumpsuits

Just like maxi dresses, jumpsuits are designed by keeping in mind the longer frames, and this made them perfect for taller women. Such kind of costume has become the necessity of all tall women out there, and it looks amazing on 5’9’’ girl. The reason is, it’s a one-piece of the outfit, and you will get the right length for that. You can pick up a jumpsuit of your favorite pattern or color.

Go for high boots

You might think that any pair of sandals can give you a good look at such a long frame. But the fact is that not all shoes are made for tall women. All tall girls say yes to thigh-high boots and stay away from booties.

Never wear long jeans with crop tops

Something needs full attention when pairing trendy outfits, particularly tall women. Super long jeans with crop tops are what tall women should avoid to the maximum. As the long jeans are supposed to highlight the entire body, and a short top on it wouldn’t be giving a great look always. Instead, you can go for a long top on long jeans, and this is going to complement your height and balance the portions.

Put on loose fitted dresses

When you are in doubt of wearing the outfit, better stay simple and put on any dress oversized and loose fitted. You can go for maxi dresses, skirts or jumpsuits; as these are specially designed by keeping in mind the long frame of tall women. This kind of dress is made for you, so grab the opportunity and enjoy the beauty of your height.

Find stores where to shop

There are lots of brands in the market that are well known for catering taller women, and you can get even more options if buying online. You can google for such companies that particularly focus on heightened women. And by making little effort, you will get clothes in your size much easier. 

Wrapping Up

Certainly, some of the ready to wear dresses may not fit you properly, so do find a good tailor. This is the best way to make sure that you will get perfect clothes in all terms. You can ask your friends or colleagues, or go for recommendations online. You can also take your ill-fitted items to your tailor that he will be able to alter according to your stature.

One of the much-needed fashion tips for longer women particularly always goes for the dress you feel comfortable and happy. Though you have a super cute and expensive dress, if you are not comfortable wearing it, it’s worthless.

It’s advised by famous fashion designers that all taller women should go for the things that can enhance the uniqueness of their elongated posture. Rather than looking for such pieces that can minimize your tallness, better try such stuff to enhance the beauty of your height.