Somebody who has a passion for fashion and styling will at some point want to start their own clothing line. And if you are looking forward to opening your own shop then the next step is to find stylish names for shops. With your new and unique style to bring to the market, one would need to find a stylish name so that your shop can reach out to more customers.

Cute and stylish names for clothes shops

Clothes are one of the most essential commodities for everyone. While some like to stick with the very basics such as simple t-shirts, tops, and jeans, others like to experiment with different types of fashionable clothes from all over the world. If you are someone who holds a valuable degree is designing or just has a nice sense of style and fashion you can easily start your own boutique.

Crazy Ideas About Stylish Names for Shops You Would Like To Try

The first thing to keep in mind when you are looking for stylish names for shops in English, you should focus on finding names that appeal to the customers and use words such as beautiful, elegant, uplift the customers and make them feel good about themselves. Especially for shops retailing clothes, it is important to make customers feel good about their bodies and making them comfortable in the clothes you are selling.

List of stylish names just for you. 

MyntraKrystal Clear Fashion
AjioKiwi Bird Boutique
AmazonSweet Threads Boutique
FlipkartSpotlight on Style
Bhaskar SriniketanSew In Style
American BluesFashion Factory    
Boutique de ParisBlackbird Boutique
Manhattan St. BoutiqueQueen of Versailles
Plum Crazy BoutiqueFashion du Jour
Sahara Street ShopChapeau Chic
Window ShopHaute Fashion
Mrs. MannequinThat’s Vogue
Model MadnessTrès Chic
Emmy’s MannequinCouture du Jour
Clover Clothing Co.Mon Ami
Clothing PaletteJ’aime la mode
Vintage VioletHaute Couture
The WardrobeMon Amour Boutique
The HangerC’est la Vie Boutique
The Blue DressOh Là Là Boutique

Ideal and stylish names for food shops

If you are a born foodie and want to open up your own food shop to showcase your culinary skills, then you need to first create a survey of what kind of food people in your neighborhood prefers. If the locality where you are setting your shop has more people from the South Indian states then you can keep stylish names for shops Kerala has. If there are more Hindus in the locality then you should definitely search for stylish Hindu names for shops.

This will create more familiarity and people will come to your food joint more. Especially if you are Indian and want to set up a shop in a non-Bengali belt, Hindi is a good language to use in your shop’s name as a lot of people in India speak Hindi. You can ask for suggestions from your friends or relatives for stylish names for shops in Hindi to make this name hunt easier for you.

Crazy Ideas About Stylish Names for Shops You Would Like To Try

List of stylish names just for you. 

Hazi SahebDenzong
Bazigar mutton and chickenShahanshah
Dildaar sigh DhabaChicken Khurana
PappadumAloo tikia and Masala store
Chatni aur tikia shopAshoka Restaurant Fast Food
Wah! Jawab nahi!Desh Sandesh

Fun and stylish names for retail shops

Apart from food and clothing, there are a lot more things you can try and open a shop for. It can be a jewelry shop or any kind of electric retailer shop. You can sell kids toys and stationery. For jewelry shops, you can search for stylish names for jewelry shops and sell fashion jewelry such as statement earrings, bangles, gorgeous necklaces.

Crazy Ideas About Stylish Names for Shops You Would Like To Try

In the present generation, technology plays a vital role. All the kids and almost everyone has some kind of gadget that they fidget through in their free time, be it a laptop or a computer or a smartphone who had everything necessary to keep a person entertained. So you can also easily open a shop to sell electronics and try stylish names for electronic shops to make your shop look and sound cool.

Here is a list of stylish names just for you. 

The jewelry GalleryThe Looking Glass Jewelers
Sunkissed JewelrySmith Jewelers & Co.
Classical Customs JewelerThe Galleria of Gems
Illuminate JewelersIlluminate Jewelers
Infinity JewelersClassics Jewelry
Greater than Gold JewelersShe Said Yes! Jewelers
Charming Jewelry StoreMaria’s Touch Jewelry
Special Engagements JewelersThe Golden Goose
Holidaze JewelryHoly Grail Jewelers
Travelers JewelersWatch Me Custom Jewelry
Gold GaloreSterling Co. Jewelry
Trinity Jewelers & Co.Magic Clasp Jewelry
Ice JewelersThe Jewelry Place
The Diamond BandTouch of Gold
Lux Fine JewelryPot of Gold
Love’s JewelersIreland Gold
Diamond SeaRing of Memories Jewelers
Goldmine JewelryThe Velvet Box


It is fairly wise to say that people love purchasing things these days. Shopping is almost like a hobby for youngsters and a teenager. Even some elder people love to spend money on luxury as well as thrift items. So it is guaranteed that if you open up a shop in your neighborhood, it will not go unnoticed. Your unique collection of jewelry or clothes or food items will somehow attract customers. Especially, a nice and crazy name for your shop will lead your shop to grand success.


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