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Fall in Love with Angel Fashion Dresses

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Angels are synonymous with being pure and innocent. There is an everlasting and ethereal vision about an angel that everyone finds alluring. No wonder angel dresses are always in vogue.

Time and again, year after year people are known to be comfortable wearing and sporting angel fashion dresses.  These angel inspired dresses and gowns have always seemed to rule the ramp.

So What are Angels Fashion Dresses?

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White angelic dresses that are often either in A-line shape or in form of gowns are what is meant by angel fashion dresses. Most of the people prefer to wear a long flowing white gown with a long and never-ending tulle for the most important day of their life, their wedding day.

These long almost floor touching flowy gowns are often inspired by fashion angels.

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These gowns or dresses are preferred by the women as their preferred attire for their wedding day or prom date. Most teenagers who are inspired by the fairy tales want to replicate these angel inspired dresses for their prom night look.

Most Preferred Wedding Attire

Earlier, the wedding gowns were found in pristine white shade alone. However, now the angel inspired wedding gowns are found in a plethora of different pastel hues like lavender, peach, mauve and so on.

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In fact, many women are also opting for offbeat powder blue and light shades of fuscia to look different and distinct on this memorable day. Those, who are not too experimental in nature are trying out various shades of ivory for their wedding gown.

The wedding dresses also have an ethereal and surreal look and feel about them that is what is synonymous with the angel inspired dresses. The moment one wears these dresses, they instantly transform into the angelic world and look pristine and heavenly.
This is one of the main reasons why there are a plethora of  Angel Boutiques that offer such beautiful dresses.

In fact, in order to make the dress stand out and look unique most of them are made with rare handcrafted materials like lace, satin, silk, tulle, crochet handiwork and so on. Many of this angel inspired wedding dresses are known to have a fitted bodice that is beautifully decorated with pearls and Swarovski crystals.

The bodice is fitted as per the brides figure to enhance their petite and slim waistline. The encrusted bodice makes the wedding dress look heavenly and richer. After all, who does not want to look like an angel on their wedding dress?

A Modern take on the Prom Dress

Though an angel dress is basically a vintage garment, it is often tweaked by designers to match the latest trends. Prom dresses are always special and unique. After all, these are once in a lifetime experiences when one needs to look their best on such occasions.

The current crop of fashion designers is experimental in their approach and prefers to play with the textures, colors, and fabrics of the angel dress in order to give it a contemporary touch and feel. One such new contemporary option is the Vintage black prom dress.

This is basically an age-old sweetheart inspired prom dress that has been given a gothic and chic look thanks to the black color. Just by playing with the color, the whole look and feel of the dress have changed completely.

Instead of being a usual simple pastel shade prom dress the Vintage black prom dress a simple change of color has enhanced the overall look and feel of the entire dress and elevated it by a few notches. The dress looks cute as well as stylish at the same time making the wearer look elegant.

Angel Dresses a Craze Amongst all Fashionistas

Angel dresses and gowns are loved by all. Even celebrities, fashionistas and Hollywood and Bollywood stars are in love with these dresses and prefer to sport them at various points of time and occasions.

If you browse through any magazine, you will find pictures of them wearing these gowns and dresses at functions, award ceremonies, and weddings.

Most of the celebrities who are known to love these gowns and wear them at every important occasion are Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and so on. 

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These angel inspired dresses have always been a safe bet amongst the wearers and continue to be a great option to wear at important functions. These dresses have an ethereal, pure, innocent and feminine feature about them that makes them stand apart from the rest.

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