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The Iconic Fashion of Famous and Beautiful Fashion Brands

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The fashion industry has always been on the boon across centuries worldwide. This is an organized industry that has various fashion brands, designers and outlets.

There are various fashion houses and brands that are ruling the fashion scene all over. These are typically a fashion or designers group that creates designs of clothes and then produces them in large quantities for same.

It is important to understand what is meant by a fashion designing. It is actually the art of applying design and aesthetics to various fashionable products. Earlier, fashion design was used for only clothes.

However, nowadays, fashion has extended to almost all kinds of products like window dressing, product packaging, and accessory designing.

Top Fashion Brands: To look out for worldwide

There are quite a few fashion brands ruling the fashion scene. A few such amazing well-known fashion brands are considered as a high end fashion brands.

These brands are stalwarts in their own field and have a global presence all across. These brands are known for their unique and distinct look and feel.

They can also be referred to as Luxury brands. These brands have a steep price tag but are known for their high quality and designs also.

Hermes: This is an international fashion brand. It is a high-end French luxury goods manufacturing unit and has had a presence of more than 150 years. It is known to have a lineup of various products like in leather, lifestyle products, home furnishings, jewelry, perfumes, and watches and so on.

Prada: This fashion brand was found in 1913 in Milan. They are known to have an impressive lineup of men’s and women’s clothing. They have a great line up of footwear, eyewear, fragrances, and leather goods.

Chanel: This is another well-known brand in the fashion world. It is a French company that is owned by the grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer. This company is known for its impressive accessory line up that caters to the fashion lovers across the world.

Burberry: They are the reason why trench coats are in vogue. They are responsible for luxury clothing, leather bags, cashmere scarves and much more. They are known for their iconic checks and prints that make their products easy to identify.

Ralph Lauren: This is an American fashion house that has been founded in 1939 by Ralph Lauren himself.  This brand is again known for its iconic and typical logo and prints that they specialize in.

House of Versace: As compared to the other leading fashion houses, this one is relatively new. It was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. They are known for their high quality and unique leather accessories and jackets that fashion enthusiasts simply adore.

Fendi: This is a well-known Italian luxury fashion house that is known to produce various kinds of fashionable clothes and accessories dealing with fur, ready to wear leather goods, shoe fragrances and so on. They have also started a new line up eyewear 

Armani: This is a well-known high-end luxury brand that is founded by Giorgio Armani. It is an Italian luxury fashion house that was founded and formed by the famous Giorgio Armani himself. They are known to be leaders in designing and manufacturing haute couture, ready to wear line up that comprises of goods, shoes, and watches.

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The Era of Conscious Clothing with Sustainable Fashion Brands

This is the era of conscious and responsible clothing. People are on the lookout for options that they can wear in the long run. Gone are the days when people used to opt for use and throw options of clothing.

The present generation has woken up to the fact that these use and throw clothes and synthetic clothes are not always biodegradable and as a result, they end up choking the earth and damaging them forever.

It is time that they have taken the responsibility of sustaining the earth and protecting it for the next generation. This is the thought behind sustainable fashion. This is what has given birth to various Sustainable fashion brands like Levi’s, Alternate Apparel, Pact, Everlane, H & M, Cuyana and so on.

Sustainable fashion is a movement that believes in creating fashion that believes in greater ecological integrity. It is also known as eco fashion. These are ecological options that believe that clothes should be made using natural products, that are both natural to use and also comfortable to wear.

Here are a few such sustainable brands that are making a brand:

Levi’s: This brand is known to actually grow cotton and then dying it get a finished product. They are also using water consciously to make denim.  They have special water < less collection that is known to use less than 96 %.

Alternate apparel: They are known to make staples like T-shirts, hoodie, leggings using impressive organic cotton and recycled materials. The products they make have a vintage style and will look timeless and unique. They use conscious packaging and low impact dyes.

Pact: They are known to make cotton garments that are certified by GOTS and follow all their organic manufacturing processes. They are certified by Fair Trade and look like ethical fashion. The clothes are also soft and can be worn all day long.


Fashion is all about looking and wearing good stuff. The present generation understands the importance of wearing clothes that are good for themselves and the environment. Thanks to this awareness, most companies are starting their lineup of conscious fashion.


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