Her World Is Greener, Her Underwear Is Kinder: It’s Cosmolle


Fashion is a big challenge for the environment but Cosmolle launched a green revolution starting from and for your skin. If the quest for products that make you feel good and do good for the planet is guiding your daily purchases, you know that every product you buy and wear has the power to change things. From food to cosmetics and fashion, the new generation like you is for kinder and greener choices. Your underwear can certainly be more eco-friendly, this is why Cosmolle is rethinking underwear.

What the New Generation Wants

Many buzzwords but simple requests. The newest generation of the so-called Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, is the most critical and eco-conscious consumers today. The zoomers are digital natives and use the media not just to get their style inspiration but much of their information. They’re as interested in trends as caring about social matters and ecological issues. They’re able to move a consistent fortune with their spending habits but they’ve got also clearer ideas on what to pick compared to the previous generations. They’ve got a louder voice, amplified by the socials they love so much: nine on ten zoomers believe that companies have a responsibility in addressing the issues they care about the most, so they ask them to make drastic changes in their ethics and ways of production. 

 Airwear Comfortable Everyday Wireless Bra

 Cosmolle Replies but… Who is Cosmolle?

As a young company, Cosmolle couldn’t ignore Gen Z’s call but what or who is Cosmolle? It’s universally feminine. Cosmolle is a high-tech, young brand that sets the tone for the newest underwear made for the greener generations no matter their age, size or body type. Cosmolle is all about inclusivity with intimate clothing reimagined to make everyone feel good and free to move like wearing a second skin.

Daily Comfort Adjustable Strap Wireless Bra

The universality is in its name: Cosmolle is the combination of cosmos  – the universe  – and elle, the French for she/her. Women’s world is the focus of Cosmolle and women’s daily needs, everywhere and in every situation, is its mission: from supportive adjustable bra for intensive gym sessions to boy shorts as invisible confidence boosters at work that feel incredibly comfortable while lounging around the house.

Advanced Technologies for Your Feel-good Underwear

Underwear can be comfortable but comfort can’t be enjoyed at the expense of our universal home, our planet. The underwear and bra ranges developed by Cosmolle are made to provide you with comfort and support while minimising clothing’s impact on the environment. Thanks to innovative technologies and a sustainable approach, Cosmolle is cutting the downsides of fashion production and large-scale distribution. We’re rethinking underwear by first rethinking textiles. 

Low Back Seamless Deep V Neckline Bra

Cotton is often the first choice for intimate clothing; it feels so soft and gentle to the skin but not on the environment. Data is clear about it: cotton is the most water-consuming natural material with 10,000 to 20,000 litres of water used to harvest a kilo of cotton![b] One single cotton t-shirt can take up to 2,700 litres of water alone to be produced. [c] From these simple figures, it’s easy to understand how thirsty is cotton, although natural and good to the touch. On the other side, there’s polyester, the most used non-natural fibre that claimed its position in the industry taking 52% of the textile cake. It’s light, strong, durable and easy to dye but it’s made from coal, petroleum, and water. Even though its production is considerably less soil and water-consuming, it requires loads of energy and releases many dangerous elements into the environment such as antimony, cobalt and titanium dioxide [d], without mentioning chemical dyes. 

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

With this in mind, it’s clear how much we need to recycle and reuse what we have already available. Cosmolle textile is a change and it comes from nature: fish scales are recycled from selected fisheries and purified through a chemical process. The result is an innovative Collagen Polyamide Yarn, a collaged-infused elastic fabric that works like wearable skincare. Think about the trending pillowcases empowered with HA for smoother skin or scrunchies with argan oil for silkier hair, Cosmolle collagen fabric is redefining skincare with an effortless daily action: wearing bras and undies.

AirWear Wireless 3D Enhance Bra

The secret key to comfortable underwear for women is the collagen-infused polyamide yarn shaped via a 3D printing and cutting process, an energy-efficient, precise and material savvy technology. 3D means less energy waste and fewer textiles in landfill, tackling two of the main issues of the fashion cycle. This technology creates seamless pieces that are smooth to the touch and invisible once worn. Cosmolle underwear and bras are featherlight and breathable thanks to smart layering and a 3D-printed adhesive that creates an invisible space between fabric layers. Your underwear hugs your shapes but you don’t feel it and your skin keeps breathing. Cosmolle wireless bras are thought with your comfort in mind with stable inner caps that are breathable and 40% lighter than regular cups and resistant to up to 100 washes. The enriched textile is a skincare treatment you won’t forget to apply every day. Amino acids, collagen and antioxidants will treat your skin and restore your natural elasticity for smooth, supple skin and fewer body lines. 

Ecology, technology and comfort go hand in hand with aesthetics, because you can feel good and also look good. Your underwear disappears under your clothing but the array of colours helps you to express your inner self or simply cheer you up when you need it. Nude and black are timeless choices and perfect for any occasion, but try a lilac, a purple or a popping pink to brighten up your day. From S to 3XL and with many mix and match options between styles of bras (with or without strap) and underwear (thong, bikini and short), you can build your most comfortable combo for every day. 

Cosmolle is almost ready to hit base and it does it in an eco-friendly way: shipped in 100% recycled packaging. This reinvented underwear will be as light on the environment as on your skin. So whether you are a very demanding Gen Z, a conscious Millennial or a wise Gen X, you can rethink your intimate wardrobe with Cosmolle.