Mini dress – Choose your dress according to the circumstances:

Mini dress

You have been impatient this spring, it is now time to wear the famous little summer dresses! Zip mini skirt, midi or maxi, the offer is so large that it is sometimes difficult to decide. Which dress for which occasion? Which dress for which morphology? The writing helps you find your way around with valuable advice that you can apply all summer.

Choose your dress according to the circumstances

The first thing we want to emphasize: there are no rules to follow! You can be curvy and wear shorts or be petite and wear long. Let’s stop blindly following diktats to finally reveal ourselves and play with fashion. It is up to her to put herself at our service, and not the other way around. When the time comes to choose your dresses for the summer, let yourself be guided by your needs and your desires and no longer by “what will people say”.

The mini dress will be perfect for an evening with friends or a trip to the beach. It can be worn with heels, for a dressy effect. Or with summer sneakers or sandals, for a more casual effect. It can be close to the body (accompanied by a long vest if you may be cold in the evening). Or flared and will rather require a close-fitting and short jacket like a denim jacket, for example.

The midi dress is ideal for everyday life, and especially for going to work. It comes between the knee and the calf and suits all body types perfectly. It can be straight, close to the body, and classic. Or tightened under the chest, flared at the hips, and with fancy patterns for example. The midi dress is a master key, a basic that you can have in several colors and several shapes.

Finally, the long dress or backless maxi dresses, the pampering in the middle of our light summer dresses. We love it for its aerial and very glamorous side. It can be worn to go to work, but will perhaps find its place better on the occasion of a dinner at the restaurant or a Sunday brunch with the family. If you’re petite, get taller with wedge shoes. Conversely, if you are tall, choose low-heeled sandals.

How to pick your dresses according to your formation?

If you need to be reassured, do not hesitate to choose the length of your dress according to your morphology. You are sure to hit the mark and opt for a garment that will highlight you. To know your body and the shapes that suit you best, nothing is more effective than fittings.

Whether you are petite or tall, the mini dress is suitable for all sizes. You just have to know how to accessorize it accordingly. If you are rather petite, the close-fitting mini dress with thin straps will be your best ally. If you are round, do not hesitate to highlight your chest and choose a flared model at the hips. Beware of the fabric that goes up and risks revealing your buttocks! To avoid this, mini shorts or anti-thigh chafing shorts will do just fine.

The midi dress makes everyone agree! Small or large, it sublimates all silhouettes and is the most universal model there is. This summer, the trend is for pep colors and vintage, flared shapes. If you are petite and petite, don’t hesitate to opt for a model close to the body, colorful, and with fantasy (lace, frills…). If you are curvy, the wrap or flared shape is an excellent choice. Bet on floral or tropical patterns of reasonable size, large patterns go out of fashion very quickly.

Finally, the maxi dress: 

Wrongly, it is believed that only tall and thin women can sport it in style. This is false. If you are round, rather choose a model close to the body. If you are thin, you can take a looser model. The small ones will be perched on heels and the large ones, rather on the flat or the small heel.

And the accessories then?

If there’s one nice thing about summer, it’s that you can go wild with colorful accessories. What’s more, they allow you to wake up with a wise summer look based on solid colors or natural materials such as linen or cotton.

Studded mules, large shopping bags, crochet jewelry, “cat’s eye” sunglasses, colorful bucket hats, fancy necklaces, dangling earrings, flashy cuff bracelets, coppery high heels… the list is endless. Choose them according to the chosen style of dress and the effect you want to give. Fancy/flashy for going out and more sober for going to work, for example.

With these tips, you now know how to find your way between mini, midi, or maxi dresses! But our most pragmatic tip is still to have one of each length to cover all eventualities. This summer, ciao complexes and hello to colorful outfits in which you feel good.

A maxi dress, a midi dress, or a little dress? 

Who doesn’t wear dresses these days? Nobody, of course! Since the dawn of time, at least since women became emancipated, halter neck bodycon dress has been part of our wardrobes. And it’s been a few seasons already that maxi dresses have occupied an important place in women’s closets. We like them super long, often with bare shoulders and sometimes with patterns, lots of patterns.

Fashion influencers have brought style and we allow ourselves to wear long ultra low-cut dresses, especially for small breasts, since the whole body is covered. A little madness doesn’t hurt!

Know that fashion is not just about maxi dresses! Midi dresses are also very trendy, especially for a romantic date or cocktail party.

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