Stylish clothes to wear in 2021

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Ready to update your wardrobe with the new stylish clothes this 2021? Picking out new clothes is always exciting. After all the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. As we usher in the year, switch out old clothes for the new, we get to explore your style’s evolution. So, why not look good while doing it?

Stylists, designers, and cutting-edge streetwear developers like Swaggey Society are all in on the march to ensure individuals can express their style in 2021. Swaggy Society is on a mission to help people blend their personality with fashion and develop a unique style just for them. By catering to their streetwear clothing needs, they offer stylish choices for individuals to stay on trend and look fantastic. 

Here is a compilation of all the stylish clothes you should be rocking this 2021.

  1. Oversized jackets

An oversized jacket is a classic piece you need to refresh your wardrobe in 2021. It offers a variety of options to incorporate into your wardrobe that will come in handy through different seasons of the year. Keep the extra layers for the winter and rock lighter coats in warmer weather. Oversized jackets are a must-have because, whether long or short, they are the cherry on top for almost every outfit you put together. From the puffer jacket, dad coat, leather jacket to quilted jackets, the options are many; making it easy to find something that suits your style. Just remember, the slouchier the coat, the bolder of a statement you make. 

  1. Wide-legged jeans

From back in the 70s-style wide-legged jeans are back with a bang. Although this flare fit is more versatile than the trend back then, it offers many styles to explore. The loose fit, boot-cut, and good old slim, to mention a few, these jeans are perfect for enhancing your 2021 jeans trend. The popularity of these jeans is not expected to stop, so it is the future-proof outfit you can never go wrong having in your collection. Anything goes with these jeans, which makes them the perfect high streetwear. For those looking to explore the chic and laid back style, these jeans are it. 

  1. Khaki pants

The tan-colored cotton outfit that was once reserved for the schoolboys and suburban dads makes a statement this 2021. From chignon pants to palazzos, khakis are here to stay and play. The versatility of khaki makes it easy to team with different shades from white, grey, black to nude. If you want that powerful and structured look while keeping things simple khaki pants are a trend to try. 

  1. Padded blazers

Padded blazers have been the town’s talk since 2020, and we are not ready to give them up yet. The dual functionality of blazers makes them a must-have in your wardrobe in 2021. Apart from the trendy aspect, they are also autumn essential. If you want to make a statement while doing the least, a padded blazer is something to invest in. Blazers are a great ensemble combination with dresses, jeans, and even pants. Sharp shoulders, rounded shoulders, and puffy shoulders get ready to explore it all in 2021. 

  1. Utility vests

The effect utility vets have on outfits is amazing. Adding utility vests to your choice could be what you need to transform a basic outfit into a big moment. What makes utility vests a main-stay in your 2021 wardrobe is how well it balances with different simple outfits. It is a great way to upscale the different pieces in your wardrobe without getting out of your comfort zone. The layering options make them a trend you can enjoy all year round. 

If you are the type to stay ahead in trends, 2021 is the year to bring it! Blending designs, personality, and styles from different eras, there is no better time to keep up with style like now. Any of these pieces would go a long way toward helping you tweak your wardrobe with trends that speak to your style, character, and comfort.