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The Wardrobe Staples Must-Have to Look Good While Traveling

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Traveling sometimes can be evil. However, there is still something fun about getting all dressed up for the airport. Men and women have different styles when traveling. Compared to women, men are more laid back in choosing what to wear to the airport or while on travel. Following the fashion clothing online is too much for them.

Most men also battle with thoughts of putting something worth it. It challenges men to have a good balance of both comfort and style or getting overdressed. After all, it would be annoying to be the guy who spends ten minutes at the airport security while putting their shoes back.

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We all know that traveling for the holidays seems to be everyone’s favorite activity. Here are few reminders on how to put some kick in the airport fashion, if a tailored sweatshirt might not work for all.

The Must-Haves

Before actually jumping to the outfit ideas, here’s a short list of the to-go items that a stylish traveler should have in his carry on.


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Don’t forget to carry around a pair of dark sunglasses in the carry-on luggage. Sunglasses are stylish winners especially after landing when the face looks wrecked.

Denim Jeans or Chinos

Both can make you look great and keep those legs warm. Leave that lazy trouser on the bottom shelf of the closet. Chinos is a better alternative. Also, they are stretchable and comfortable at the same time. 

Jackets and Cardigans

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Layerable, comfortable, and super versatile are the basics wardrobe hero of your travel outfit. We recommend cardigans by Brochu Walker for outside glam. Its softness with the comfortable versatility and dual functionality both for hot and cold weather makes it a perfect staple to have while traveling.

Also, the right jacket can finish off an outfit and can look stylish for a smart traveler. Choose neutral colors. They always go well with any outfit. Leather or denim jackets are fantastic when traveling, also versatile and perfect for cold temperatures.


Loafers offer the best combination of style and comfort. They are shoes that are versatile, timeless, and comfortable. It can be easily slip on or off especially at security and on the plane.


image 2

Just only to look cool and for heat or rain protection. Try matching some bonnets or some ball caps to your outfit. They can give you comfort with style against the harmful sun or the harsh coldness.


image 3

Sometimes a plane’s temperature can get crazy, though a jacket is okay. However, just to make sure bring a scarf to throw over the shoulders if it gets cold. Some people are just thin-skinned. You don’t have to suffer from freezing, and you can keep it away anyway.

Earphones / Headphones

image 4

One of the essential needs. It is perfect for blocking all the noise during your trip, and it can also make you look cool. Enjoying good music can also project a good mood. Some music can boost confidence. You might want some of such.

Bags / Pouch

Bags usually ends the game for a stylish traveler. Sometimes, it becomes the last priority. However, men forget that the bags he carries reflects his image. A Black or brown leather bag will never go wrong. It fits perfectly to any outfit and occasion as well. It makes the owner look smart and stylish at the same time.

The Outfit Ideas

image 5

The Business Travel Look

As we know, some travel doesn’t necessarily mean relaxation time. There are some who are traveling for business. Dressing and packing for that kind of trip is a different form.

Traveling while wearing their suits or at least not with the jacket. It saves the jacket from being creased and crinkled while traveling. Not to mention they may be heading straight to work after landing.

Dark-colored suits like navy or gray both are seasonally-appropriate suits. All colors are versatile enough to fit in any time of the daily schedules. It will serve well inside the boardroom. It can also fit for any after-work drinks with minor tweaks. Like removing the tie, changing the inner shirt, and then everything is all set for party time.

The Smart Casual

If traveling away for the summer to search for the sun, sand, and saltwater, just keep it casual and comfortable. Be ready for some intense heat upon arrival. Shorts will be perfect for a hot weather after landing. It will ensure that they are ready to head straight out.

Wearing a printed piece of legwear will help separate you from the crowd.

Then pair the print with a clean, simple or white polo and boat shoes to avoid airport security delays. Lastly, they can layer it with a lightweight bomber jacket or cardigan in case the temperature goes crazy inside the airplane.

The Winter Escapade

When summer gets a little bit sticky, others may want to travel away and go to colder places. The stylish cardigans by Brochu Walker will give warmth upon touchdown is what they need.

Alway stick on with slip-on shoes, it never goes out of style, and it is also both comfy and handy. For the rest of your outfit, it is better to use addable and removable layers. Keep the jacket as the outer clothing and layer it over the light cardigans or knitted vest.


Everyone can face difficulty while facing any battle. Traveling stylishly is hell for men, but with the right clothing and ideas, all will be well.

Hopefully, the list of ideas will help improve the travel style of people that are facing this kind of difficulty.

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