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The tie front top is a type of shirt that has the appearance of a dress. The fabric on the front side of this garment is tied in some fashion, typically at or near the middle of the chest to create an opening for your head and arms. This style originated from Europe during World War II as clothing rationing was implemented by many countries, so it became popular among women who wanted to make do with what they had. Today, people still wear these tops for their ease and versatility; you can use them as dresses or shirts depending on how you want to tie them!

Some tie front tops are created out of one piece of fabric that is cut and sewn to have a V-neck. The fabric can then be folded over so that there are two layers, or it is flipped up on the other side to create more than one layer for your neckline – this style allows you to choose how deep you

As with any wardrobe item, there are a variety of tie front tops to choose from at all price points. It’s worth noting that the types of ties you can use vary greatly and include everything from fabric strips to braided cords! You could also make your own by tying two pieces of string together near one end or even using fabric strips.

Types of a tie :

fabric strips and braided cords

string tied together near the end of two pieces

using fabric strips as a tie (available at most craft stores)

Types of front top:

V neck with a single layer or more than one for your neckline, depending on how it’s folded over

long sleeves

short sleeves


One of the most popular types is the V neck, which can be worn with a single layer or more than one for your neckline depending on how you fold it over. Long sleeve tops are great for fall and winter while shorter ones are perfect in warmer weather! Short-sleeve tops are great for the summer and sleeveless are perfect to wear under a blazer or cardigan. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to tying front tops!

The types of front tops depending on your preference. Some people like V neck with a single layer or more than one for the neckline, while long-sleeve and short-sleeved tops are great for winter and warm weather respectively.

Shorter sleeve tops are perfect for summer and sleeveless ones can be worn under a blazer or cardigan.

Types of fabric used:




Types of ties:

rope, fabric ribbon, woven lace

There are many types of tie front tops out there. Some people like a v neck with one layer or more than on their necklines depending on how you fold it over. Long sleeve tops are perfect for fall and winter. Short-sleeve tops are perfect for summer. And sleeveless ones can either be worn alone or under a blazer or cardigan to spice up your outfit.

The types of fabric can vary depending on what you prefer: silk, cotton, and wool are all great materials to wear as tie front top fabrics! The most popular type of ties is either rope, fabric ribbon, or woven lace.

Fabric: Silk is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and breathable to wear in the summertime. Cotton is good for warmer days as well because of its absorbent quality while still feeling light on your body. Wool can be worn year-round depending on how you dress it up.

Style: a tie front top is usually worn as a shirt dress, but can also be styled with leggings or shorts. If you want to wear it as a dress, we recommend pairing it up with some tights! It’s not too short nor too long in terms of length – perfect for the average woman.

Price: most tie front tops start around $40.