What I Wish Everyone Knew about Fashion Glasses


Thanks to our overexposure to a smart television, mobiles, and laptops, all day long we strain our eyes and put pressure on them. Due to our lifestyle, diet and eye strain, glasses have become a common phenomenon in everyone’s life. 

However, things have changed, glasses are not considered to be old fashion anymore.  Gone are the days when glasses meant thick-rimmed ones.

Nowadays, there are various fashion glasses that are available for all.  In fact, if you check the latest ramp walks by various popular designers worldwide, you will see their model sporting fashionable glasses.

These glasses have moved the taboo associated with wearing one and have made it a fashion accessory.
In fact, all leading eyeglass manufacturers and companies are known to offer a plethora of options for fashion eys wear that can rock any outfit by complementing it.

Trending Fashion Glasses for Men

The present population of men is known to sport their best foot forward. They are fashion conscious and like to stay in tune with the latest in the fashion world.

If you browse through any fashion or movie magazine, you will realize that most men in the pictures sport fashion glasses. There is a lot of demand for fashion glasses for men. 

Here are some trends in this segment:

1- Oversized Eyeglasses Frames

This is a trend that has made a huge comeback. If you check the photographs of the yesteryears rock stars and pop stars you will see them sporting this look by wearing oversized eyeglasses.
These are super comfortable to wear but do not suit men with a small face.

2- John Lennon Inspired Frames

If you want to sport a geeky and slightly serious look then these John Lennon inspired glasses are the best bet. They are slightly on the lines of Harry Potter glasses but have a rounder frame.
These glasses are generally worn with a golden frame and are known to suit all.

3- Square Eyeglasses Frames

Square glass frames look ultra-stylish and super chique. They are known to look best on people who have an oblong or longish face. The glasses are super fashionable and available in a plethora of options.

4- Navigator Style

If you want to sport an ultra-cool look then the currently trending navigator style will suit you the most, they generally go with all facial structures but are known to look the best on a heart-shaped face.

Fashion Glasses for Women that are Ruling The Ramp

Women and fashion go hand in hand. Gone are the days when women used to feel sad when prescribed glasses. Now, the women can actually wear fashionable glasses and sport them as an accessory to enhance their overall look.

Here are some fashion trends in eyewear for women that are ruling the ramp currently:

1- 70’s Inspired Oversized Glasses

The ’70s is considered as a fashion festival. Time and again the prevailing trends of the ’70s are making a come back. One such trend that is currently setting the ramp on fire is the oversized square eyeglasses.

These glasses are known to suit almost all face structures and are loved by celebrities as they help to protect the face and eyes from harsh rays of the sun.

2- Lightweight Metal Glasses

These lightweight thin glass frames are loved by all as a daily wear option. The fact that the frame has almost no weight makes it an absolute must in daily wear.

3- Aviator Glasses

If you want to look sporty and fun then the sporty aviator glasses are your best friend. Almost all companies are known to offer various versions of these aviator glasses that makes it a huge craze amongst all.

4- Vintage Style Glasses

If you want to look like a diva and replicate the vintage style, then the vintage cat eyeglasses are an absolute must for you.
These cat-eye glasses look extra stylish and divaish. Many women are known to resort to this fashion trend to elevate their overall look.

Such is the craze amongst all for stylish glasses that many people are also known to sport fake fashion glasses. In this scenario, even if glasses are not prescribed by the doctors, they still sport the same as a fashion accessory.

Kids Fashion Glasses that are Easy to Sport

Due to over-reliance on smartphones and tabs, kids are also succumbing to poor eyesight and are being prescribed glasses.  For them, it becomes cumbersome as they find it difficult to wear and carry all day long.

Here are some  facts kids fashion glasses that can be kept in mind:

1- Choose Frames Made Of Plastic

Try and steer away from glass frames and glasses as it might break easily and hurt the child. Rather, choose from the various plastic or metal frames that are available in the market.

2- Opt for Lightweight Frames

When we are choosing frames for kids, we have to make it a point to choose stuff that is light in weight, so that the child can easily wear the same all day long.
In case of heavy eyewear, they will not be able to carry the same all day long.

3- Look For Colorful Frames

When selecting eyewear for kids try and look for ones that have colorful frames. This way they will not only look adorable but also be able to match them with all their clothes.

Look For Colorful Frames
Look For Colorful Frames


So, say bye-bye to age-old boring eyeglasses and embrace these trendy fashion accessories. Hope, now after reading this everyone will beware of the various fashionable glasses available in the market.