Most Effective Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat That You Can Do At Home!

Most Effective Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat
Most Effective Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

When it comes to health, belly fat is the significance of unhealthy body. It’s a lot more than just a nuisance and is associated with many health issues. The deepest layer “visceral” of the belly is the most stubborn and seriously fatal. Diabetes, cardiac diseases, cancer are some major concern health issues caused due to belly fat.
Only dieting can’t burn your belly fat. You need to include an hour of exercise in your daily routine. Lot of things have been said about reducing belly fat but lot of results have no been seen. Trust me when I say if you do these exercises regularly you will start seeing result in 15 days only. Here are 6 easy exercises that you can do at home without using any equipment.


Crunches Reduce Belly Fat

Crunches occupy the first position in fat burning exercises. Nothing can beat this exercise.
How to do:
1. Lie down straight on floor with your knees bent and feet on ground or you can lift your legs at 90 degrees angle.
2. Place your hands behind your head, inhale deeply, lift your upper body off the floor and exhale simultaneously.
3. Inhale again and get back down. Exhale as you come up.
Do this 10 times at beginning. Increase your duration as per comfort level.


Reduce Belly Fat By Running

10 minutes from your daily life can help you out. Your only equipment is a good quality shoe. Running burns calories from your stomach as well as from other body parts. So all in all, running can benefit your complete anatomy and give you define healthy body.


Reduce Belly Fat By Cycling
This is a effective cardiovascular exercise that helps you shed belly fat. Cycling burns calories very fast and increase metabolism. Excess body fat, especially on legs and stomach reduces by cycling. Depending on the speed and intensity an average person can burn between 250-500 calories during a 30 minutes bike ride.

Reverse Crunches

Reduce Belly Fat Reverse Crunches
Again crunches is a good option to get rid off from belly fat. For reverse crunches you have to
1. Lie down on your back with your knees together. Your legs should bent at 90 degrees.
2. Place your palms face down on floor for support.
3. Tighten your abs to lift your hips off the floor as you can crunch your knees inward to your chest.


Reduce Belly Fat Plank

Lie face down on the floor, put your elbows under your shoulder and lift your body up. Elbows should be exactly below your shoulder and parallel to each other. Raise your hips from the ground, now your body should be balanced on your toes and elbows. Don’t let your hips sag and don’t lift them too high. Start by holding it for 20 seconds and gradually increase the duration as you get used to it. Try to increase the duration from 20 seconds to 1 minute in 5-6 days.

Cross leg diagonal crunches

Reduce Belly Fat Cross Leg diagonal crunches
Lie on your back with legs straight and keeping the torso still, Lift your hips and move them a bit to right.
Lower and straighten your legs again. Bend your left knee and put it across your right leg. Placing your left foot on the floor near outside of your right knee, crunch up then came back down.
Repeat 10 times and then switch sides and repeat.

If you do these 6 exercises properly on the daily basis, you will surely start getting results only in 15 days. So, don’t give anymore excuses and start to workout. Start loving yourself and start taking care of yourself.

Good luck folks! Do regular exercise and Stay healthy. ????