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Monsoon season is around the corner, it means, long romantic drives, sipping coffee overlooking rain showers, having romantic conversations and getting all drenched with your loved one. But, on the other hand, this season brings a lot of mess with it, muddy water on the street annoys everyone in all the possible ways. It causes traffic jams, it make you cancel your plans and it can also stain your clothes. People often make huge wardrobe mistakes just to get over all the cons of the monsoon.

Talking of girls, they face a real tough time managing their dresses in the monsoon. So, we in collaboration with well-known Youtuber, Pranjali Jakatdar, have come up with a perfect solution of the problem. Here are the four monsoon essentials that every girl should have to beat the odds in monsoon.

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These jackets are a basic requirement for the monsoon season. Bomber jackets are waterproof, and they make you look good always. You can team up black bomber jacket with any kind and color of dress whether it’s a short dress, long skirts or even jeans top. These jackets save your dresses from getting all wet, and they add 1 more point to your looks.

Monsoon Fashion Image
Picture Courtesy- Pranjali Jakatdar

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Monsoon Fashion Image 2
Picture Courtesy- Pranjali Jakatdar

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Now, this is a no brainer, everyone should have a pair of rain boots. It saves you from all that muddy water on the streets. Go for colorful boots that match your outfit.

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Monsoon Fashion Image 3
Picture Courtesy- Pranjali Jakatdar

Shorts never go out of style. It’s classy, sexy and decent. In monsoon season polyester shorts come into play, as they are made up of polyester they are somewhat waterproof, and it is a very quick drying fabric. Wearing these shorts, you don’t have to worry about all the stains that your clothes may get during this season.

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Monsoon Fashion Image 4
Acid wash denims looks faded in color and has patches of dark and light shade on it. These patches will save your look if you even had a stain on your Jeans or skirt as it won’t be clearly visible.

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Jeans From Here:

Want to see how all this looks like in real life?

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