Coffee Statistics : The worldwide population of humans is close to 7 billion, and out of those 7 billion people, 28 percent of them drinks coffee. On an average almost 2.25 billion cups of coffee is consumed every day. Until October 2014, the total global consumption of coffee was at 151.3 million bags, which is 1.3 percent increase over the previous year, this was the backdrop of 3.3 million deficit between production and consumption. So coffee will be one of the fastest growing beverage markets in the coming years.


Alcohol Statistics : According to WHO, in a report published in 2013, the average annual consumption of pure alcohol by the people aged above 15 years is, 12.2 litres in Austria, 11.2 litres in Germany, 10.3 litres in United Kingdom, 8.6 litres in United States and 4.3 litres in India. And that is too much alcohol!

So by looking at the stats, it is clear that people love their coffee and alcohol. Have you ever imagined what if we get a drink which has both these flavors? Her it is, have a look here

Jim Beam-Bourbon-bourbon-coffee

By talking about alcohol there are a handful of distilleries which produce good beer and whisky. Talking of whisky, Jim Beam is one of the best. It is an alcohol beverage producing company situated in the USA, which has recently said that they will make a new variant of their bourbon whisky which will be infused with coffee. So it is a good thing for people who drink both coffee and whisky, people will not have to go to different places to get a kick of caffeine and whisky. The Company has not yet revealed the date when the new coffee infused whisky is going to hit the shelves, but it will be soon. We are eagerly waiting for it to hit the market and to taste it. Just think about it, drinking both your favourite beverage at once, what kind of experience will it be? It must be something like, the pleasure centre of the brain lighting up like it’s Christmas!

Just the thought of mixing coffee and whisky together is avant-garde itself, making this thought into reality is a very macho move from the company and we appreciate it.


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