How Physical Therapist In Westlake Texas Are Helping Patients Manage Aggressive Back Pain

Physical Therapist

Aggressive back pain, whether from an accident or another condition, is very difficult to live with. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends physical therapy for pain. There is a lot of evidence that physical and exercise therapy reduces pain and improves mobility. This improvement is sustained for at least two months but can last much longer. If you’ve been considering physical therapy in Austin, TX, here are some things to know.

Increasing Flexibility & Strengthening Muscle

Westlake physical therapy doesn’t only treat the symptoms of pain, it also looks at the root cause of the pain or limitations. Physical therapists have many hands-on treatment options to help patients find relief. Physical therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all. The therapist relies on the patient’s precise diagnosis to develop a treatment plan. Physical therapy can help retrain muscles to provide more support.

Good Pain or Real Pain?

Physical therapy is often referred to as torture. It’s true that physical therapy does cause some soreness, much like exercise can. PT is training your body. Your muscles need to be stressed to heal and strengthen. The goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain, but this “good pain” when your muscles are achy and uncomfortable shows that the treatment is working. Physical therapy shouldn’t cause new pain. You do need to tell your therapist if you’re experiencing harmful pain. It can be difficult to know the difference. Don’t be afraid to let the therapist know what you’re feeling. Treatment can be modified for each person’s situation.

Acute or Chronic Back Pain?

Acute pain is that which comes on suddenly, usually from an identifiable injury. Acute back pain usually goes away within a few weeks. Chronic back pain is that which lasts six months or longer. Chronic back pain can continue long after an injury or illness. Physical therapy can usually treat each type of back pain, but it does depend on the cause. The goal of physical therapy to help patients overcome issues that prevent a full life, not to create more pain. Even if you’re concerned that you can’t do PT, talk to a therapist about your pain and how you can be empowered through movement and exercise. You don’t need to be an athlete. Your therapist will understand that your mobility is limited.

Finding The Right Fit For You

When you’re looking for a physical therapist, you should consider a few things. You want the therapist to be accessible to you. Physical therapy isn’t meant to last a long time, but you should expect biweekly appointments for six to eight weeks. If you plan to rely on your health insurance, you want to make sure that the therapist’s office will be covered by your plan. You should also consider the therapist’s experience with different types of injuries and treatments.

Take the next step toward getting started with Stone Oak physical therapy treatment.  A therapist will evaluate your pain and mobility limitations before developing a treatment plan to help you get back to a full life.