Tips for Advertising Your Elopement Photography Services


Without eloping couples, your photography business will fail. But how do you go about discovering them when you’re first starting out?

Perhaps you’re already working as a wedding photographer but are looking to specialize in elopements and intimate ceremonies. But how do you advertise yourself to customers who are looking for that personal touch?

The success of your business and your ability to attract your ideal customer depend entirely on your marketing efforts.

But we also know that it can be difficult to figure out how to market yourself as an elopement photographer. Therefore, we have compiled this simple guide to assist you in promoting yourself in the most productive and economical manner.

There is no foolproof method to promoting yourself as an elopement photographer, but if you follow these steps, you should be well on your way!

Okay, but can you define marketing for me?

To put things in proper context, let’s go back to the beginning.

Finding customers and making sales is essentially what marketing is all about. Making yourself look like the best option for customers is key. Even though that definition is fairly simple, it still seems like a very daunting task to accomplish.

Even if you’ve worked in business before, getting your foot in the door as an elopement photographer can feel like an overwhelming task.

To what extent should you invest in advertising your services as an elopement photographer, and how to begin?

Alright, so you’ve decided to make a name for yourself in the elopement photography industry. Even though that’s a niche market in the wedding photography industry, you need to target a smaller niche.

Having a distinct plan for your company and the type of content you intend to produce is crucial. Basically, you should pinpoint the feel and look of your company and isolate its distinguishing features.

Let’s dissect this a little. You’ve decided that elopements will be your brand’s sweet spot. However, do you prefer shooting in urban areas or in the woods? Do you favor a more somber, beautiful aesthetic, or do you create images that are fun and bright? Eloping couples typically lean toward one of two aesthetic extremes: either a more rustic, low-key affair or a lavish Las Vegas-style celebration. Find out who it is that you intend to serve.

Before you start promoting yourself, you should be very comfortable with who you are. You’ll be able to zero in on your target demographic and improve your targeting effectiveness by doing this.

Our guide on how to distinguish yourself as a wedding photographer and find your ideal clients may be of assistance. If you’ve already been making a living as a wedding photographer, this is especially crucial, as your style and brand may need to develop.

Creating a website for your elopement photography business.

  • A web presence is essential, of course. Potential customers will be exposed to your company and services for the first time here; therefore, it is imperative that this presentation be stellar.
  • That you have a portfolio is, of course, assumed. It’s important to display your portfolio so that clients can see the caliber of work you’re capable of producing. Maintain focus on your specific audience and highlight what makes you stand out. For what reasons should they pick you instead of someone else? Photos can be displayed on a dedicated page, but it’s still recommended that you feature at least one large image (or several smaller ones) on the homepage. In order to get started, make sure to read our tips on how to pick the best portfolio website.
  • There is some discussion about whether or not photographers should list their prices on their websites. In some cases, the price list is not made public until the customer has submitted an inquiry form. However, we believe that discussing costs is a good idea. Customers will have an idea of what to expect, and you can avoid wasting time responding to those who “ghost” you after seeing your rates. Here are some suggestions to help you determine how much to charge for elopements. Additionally, consider incorporating efficient accounting software for photographers to streamline your financial management and pricing strategies.
  • A blog — Including a blog on your site is an excellent strategy for attracting visitors if you can spare the time to do so. Even if you can only manage one post every two weeks, that’s better than nothing and will do wonders for your brand’s recognition. More on how blog posts can help drive traffic to your site from search engines and social media in a moment. It’s okay if writing isn’t your forte; many people aren’t. Take a look at our beginner’s guide to blogging for some pointers.
  • Some sort of email distribution list or newsletter — Though not required, this can be a nice touch for those who want to keep in touch with their audience. It’s not necessary to write an essay when composing a newsletter; just a couple of lines about your recent photography-related activities, a couple of your favorite photos, and some links to your latest blog posts will do. To encourage word-of-mouth advertising, send out a newsletter every week or two. You also can offer  these services in some sort of elopement packages.