How you are compromising your good health with your regular routine life


What does the word regular mean? In dictionary terms,it means something which is done daily, to which people are habituated. In other words, we can put normal as the synonym of regular. From morning to night, till you go to sleep there are few tasks which we do every day and almost at the same time. We can also term those tasks as regular tasks which need to be done. Those are brushing your teeth, bathing and having breakfast.

These are the basic necessities that every civilized human on this earth does. But some regular works in life falls as an obstruction in the path of good health. In this article, we shall get to know more about how do we compromise our health.

Sleeping fewer hours

When doctors advise us to sleep for 5 to 6 hours. We pay no need by citing excuses that being busy at work does not allow them to waste their time sleeping. But we often forget the saying that “health is wealth”. In the want of wealth, we have made our health worse. Sleeping is the time to recharge your boy to be able to face daily challenges. Hence, getting a night of better sleep with no obstruction is termed necessary. But in today’s society, even that day is not possible. People have to depend on sleeping pills to get better sleep.

Huge tech companies often treat their employees as bonded labourers making them work for 12 to 16 hours. Inadequate sleep has a profound negative effect on the overall health of your body. Our organs need a decent amount of rest to again function to their full potential. In situations of less sleep, you cannot expect full efficiency from your body. The stress levels are always high resulting in high blood pressure, hypertension and anxiety a common affair. Such people have to buy Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20 regularly for sexual pleasure.

Not chewing the food properly

Well, this is a very common practice nowadays because we have a special category of fast foods. These foods are ready to eat and prepared within minutes time keeping the mind that today’s people do not have much time. It saves their time because instead of having a complete meal of rice, dal and vegetables simply take a roll or a sandwich. But the study has shown that we people don’t even chew the food properly.

Every organ in our body has been given a role to play and if it doesn’t then the whole system is disturbed causing distress and trouble. Our digestive process starts from the mouth where ideally, we are supposed to chew the food thoroughly to make it easy for food items to get digested in the stomach.

But in this fast-paced world we most of the time chew two or three times and then directly in the stomach. Many times, the food is not broken properly and it still in large parts. This takes the stomach much longer time to digest the food because it is meant to digest the broken food with the use of HCL (hydrochloric acid). This often results in constipation and blockage of the excretion process.  So, from now on chew the food properly before swallowing it.

In addition to the food, several of us experience problems in swallowing our daily medications. As we age, the muscles of the throat start to contract. This makes swallowing difficult and result many a times in the individual throwing up the medicine. A good way to overcome this problem is to take help from a swallowing gel that can help with the easy ingestion of the medicine. 

Ignorance to mental health

Yes, this habit of ignoring mental health also comes in the daily life of many people. For such people, health only means physical health, which is having a muscular body to post on social media. For them, mental health is something that is overrated and does not need vigilance and care.But the reality is far from their perception, it is their lack of general awareness that makes them ignorant of mental disorders. If  want to get more detail about men’s health then redirect at

Being alone, detached from social life, hiding away from social events are some of the incidents that raise suspicion on someone’s mental health. For the body and mind to become 100 % efficient our mental health must be also capable. Because no matter how well built you are, without a sound mind nothing is possible. This ignorance makes small incidents like isolation, anxiety into greater problems like depression.

Mentally ill patients cannot perform many functions on their own. Even for orgasm, they have to get Fildena 100 mg, Cenforce 150 and Kamagra Oral Jelly.

What’s the road ahead?

The road ahead can be peaceful if we become aware of the mistakes in our regular routine life. One small step in the path of betterment will lead to a bright and healthy future ahead. For good health one must perform few functions:

  • Do yoga and meditation at least for 30 minutes daily. It reduces stress levels, normalizes blood pressure. Thus, makes the mind calm and peaceful and increasing thinking capability and concentration power.
  • Try to eat home-cooked food and depend less on fast food.