How Good is Potato For Your Health


If you ask any child and an old man what is that one dish they like? A single eatable which is favourite of men and women of all age is potato. No matter what your age is or what your preferences are, potato is definitely at everyone’s table. The acceptance is such widely recognized that in no place on earth you would be deficient in potatoes. But there is a perception that potatoes are unhealthy and gives rise to multiple disorders. But is it really the truth or is it just the propaganda against it? Let’s understand the truth in detail in this article but for that read the entire article.

Why is potato so easily available?

Many researchers and historians have gone to the origins of the potato. The conclusion came that the Portuguese were the originators of potatoes. In matters of trade and commerce wherever they went they took the potato to that land. The easy growing method and wonderful taste of potato made it a favourable eatable and later staple food of that land. The same happened with India and much of the subcontinent of Asia.

Easy cooking method

One need not be a MasterChef to cook a potato. You can either, simply boil it, fry or give it a roast. In all of the ways, it tastes delicious and extremely delicious. If you have a decent quantity of spices, you can make potato curry or add it as a co-ingredient with other veggies.

Variety of dishes

With potato, you can be creative to the full extent with no limitations. Try French fries, potato sandwiches, mashed potatoes for a British breakfast or potato balls etc. So, the menu with just potatoes can easily outnumber the entire menu of a mid-sized restaurant.

Is Potato bad for health?

Giving potato a negative makeover in terms of health is a generalization of the entire event and finding the wrong culprit. As discussed earlier there are different ways of cooking a potato and therefore numerous dishes. Potato in its original nature is super healthy. Let’s look at the nutritious elements of potatoes.

Potato is a rich source of carbohydrates, which we call quick energy with. And you would be glad to know that potato is literally fat and cholesterol-free. But we often hear people citing examples of how French fries being a junk food is increasing cholesterol levels and leading to obesity. This statement is also true but there is a distinction which many people have missed.

In French fries, potatoes are deep-fried in oil and fats. Therefore, how can you blame the potato for being non-healthy? It’s just that the cooking method is not favourable for health. Instead, if you would have consumed mashed potatoes, roasted or baked potatoes it would have been a much healthier option.

Source of potassium

Potato is a rich and abundant source of potassium which makes it a serious contender of dishes that keeps checking on blood pressure by lowering it. Thus, it relieves you from hypertension, high blood pressure and Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Therefore, potato saves you from consuming pills like Kamagra Oral Jelly, Vidalista 20, or Fildena.

High Fibre Content

Do we all know how important fibre is in our diet? For the easy passage of the stools from the anus, fibre is necessary or else people suffer from constipation. Not everyone can afford to eat brown rice and other such kinds of stuff for fibre. Therefore, being an affordable commodity and as well fibre rich product potato is the best option.

Abundance of antioxidants

Antioxidants are the elements that act like a warrior for your body by fighting against the foreign germs attacking your body. This is the reason doctors regularly advise us to rich antioxidants in our diet. Potato is one such food item that you can add to your diet for anti-oxidants. This makes you feel less worried because your immune system is getting boosted up.

Most needed starch

You must have seen in TV advertisements that for intestines to be healthy eat probiotic drinks. But why go for some drugs if you have natural options that are also much cheaper than when you Buy Cenforce 100. The starch content in the potato is actually good food for the necessary bacteria in the intestine which leads to improvement in gut health. Get more detail at: Powpills


After reading and going through the in-detail analysis of the potato what do we conclude? The most important thing to take with us from the discussion is that the cooking methods are way more important than the food item. It can make a healthy and nutritious food a source of trans fat and cholesterol.

Therefore, try to consume potatoes with fewer additions of oil and fats. It has the right kind and amount of nutrients to keep you healthy enough to fight disorders in these hard times.