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Christmas is a season to spread love and kindness all around. The birth of the ‘son of God’ is celebrated as Christmas. Once December month begins, it marks the start of the Christmas season. People start to plan on and buy Christmas presents, Christmas party decorations and visit their loved ones. People sing hymns of Christ and rejoice in his glories. Christmas brings families, friends, and relatives together despite all odds. Little kids will all be excited about Santa Claus and the presents. People do and everything with utmost dedication, love, and excitement.

Christmas has wonderful traditions that people follow year after year. The first thing during the Christmas season is greeting and sharing. People visit their loved ones and exchange love and gifts with each other as Christmas nears. The next is baking delicious, flavourful cookies and gingerbreads, which is the most exciting part of every Christmas—followed by Christmas tree decoration. The first thing that comes to mind is Christmas party decorations. Every decorative item has its significance. People store these items safely and add something new each year. The name of the most commonly used Christmas tree is Fraser fir. The other types include Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, and so on. These trees are specially grown and harvested for Christmas. 

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Almost every family has a Christmas eve party tradition. Food and Christmas party decorations are the essentials of a party. The tree, lighting, ambience, dining table, and everything as a whole should look enticing and gleaming. Christmas eve is something extraordinary and remains nostalgic forever in their lives.


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Christmas party decorations include many items, each of which has a special meaning and importance to it. Some of the decorative essentials and their significance are listed below.

CHRISTMAS BELL – Tiny bells are placed in the tree. These bells denote the onset of the first service served in the church after the sunset. These bells are also rung to celebrate the birth of Christ and also refer to Santa Claus’ jingle bell song. Pretty little bell stickers, plastic bells are hung around in the home and the main door as a greeting. 

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CANDY CANE – These are ‘J’ shaped candy sticks with white and red stripes on them. It was sugar-flavoured during earlier days, and now it is available in peppermint and wintergreen flavours. These candy canes are hung in Christmas trees and also alongside the bells placed around the home. Mythologies tell different stories about these candy canes. The white stripes refer to purity, and the red lines refer to Jesus Christ’s bloodshed on the cross.  

CHRISMONS – These are cross patterns used in Christmas tree decoration, in-home, and in churches. These are in white and golden colour, where white symbolizes the Lord’s purity and the gold represents the Lord’s glory. 

ELF ON A SHELF – This tradition came to practice recently. It is believed that Santa Claus sends elves during Christmas. These elves are placed in the Christmas tree and on a shelf, adding some decorations to it.

FLORALS: These green florals are placed around the home, signifying the glory of Jesus Christ.

CHRISTMAS WREATHS – A circular green wreath with a bow in the middle is placed in the front door during midwinters. These are acknowledged as a sign of greeting.

HOLLY – These are thorny leaves with red berries in them. It refers to the thorny crown and bloodshed during the crucifixion of Lord Jesus. 

IVY –  These are placed in the home as a remembrance to hold on to Lord and believe in His name like the ivy holds on to something and grows.

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