Does gaming affect your eyes?

Frames for Prescription Glasses @Specscart
Frames for Prescription Glasses @Specscart

In today’s world, all people are continually using their mobile phones, computers, and televisions. There are dozens of games available in the market. There are high chances you will play these games at home, at work, and your way to go home. 

But the question is, could regular playing of video games affect your eyesight?

Negative Effects of Video Games on Eyes


Playing games can be fun and synergistic, spending too much time glued to a screen can have a detrimental impact on your visual condition.

It’s right that continued video gaming times can have short-term adverse reactions on your eye health. As playing video games means gazing at a bright screen for an extended period, they can cause some problems such as blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, and nearsightedness.

Long gaming sessions can also cause Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). It begins after watching television, phones, or computer screen for long periods without taking considerable breaks. Also, you can feel pain in your back and shoulders because of improper posture while playing games. 

A workable solution for preventing digital eye strain or CVS and other effects associated with gaming is to take frequent breaks from all your digital devices. You can also reduce screen glare as much as by eliminating other sources of light and also buy gaming glasses online at Specscart. 

How to Prevent Eye Strain?

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To avoid eye strain, ensure you have proper lighting to diminish glare, take many breaks to rest your eyes, and blink frequently. 

You can take frequent breaks as following the 20-20-20 rule i.e., stop using your screen every 20 minutes by gazing at a faraway thing 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help your eyes rework. You can use proper lighting to lessen glare. So, don’t play in extreme sunlight or dark. Or adjust your monitor setting to reduce the risk of eye strain. When playing games on any digital screen, sit properly, and should be careful about your position distance and angles with the screen. The top of your computer screens should also be at eye level.

Wear Gaming Glasses

If you invest in proper eyewear designed for computer screen use may be helpful for you. 

You can try gaming glasses or anti blue light glasses with digital blue lenses available at Specscart, which help reduce digital eye strain or reduce glare. These glasses come with a specific coating that blocks blue light coming from digital devices to reduce eyesight damage. This will help get rid of the constant refocusing effort of your eyes when looking at the screen. These gaming eyeglasses can increase correctness and productivity.

So, you can protect your eyes from glare either via reducing your light exposure or wearing specialist gaming glasses, which is the best way to get the benefits of gaming without the risk to your eyes.

Video Games also improve vision

Regardless of all these concerns about video game eye strain and possible damage, playing in discipline can help. Study states playing video games can improve your hand-eye coordination. It also improves spatial resolution or capacity for visual attention, allowing players to see objects clear-cut and easier than before. 

Playing video action games also improves a visual ability important for tasks like reading and driving at night. 

So go ahead and play some video games. Just keep in mind to do it in the discipline. Because the benefits only happen in self-control.