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Fashionable Jewels: 4 Diamond Cuts And Styles

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Jewelry shopping is probably one of the most pleasurable experiences for anyone, particularly among ladies. Well, to be fair, there’s nothing quite like a dazzling and splendid time trying on different jewelry pieces and marveling at the many styles, gemstones, and types of jewels on display. Whether shopping online or at physical stores, your love for anything that glitters only gets better with time (and more shopping money, of course!) 

Diamonds, for instance, are available in various styles and cuts. If you’re a newbie, it can get tricky to know which one to pick. You may think the classic shape would be your best bet, but wait until you get your hands on the other options available. You might be surprised to find out there are plenty of diamond shapes and cuts to choose from. 

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Regardless if it’s lab grown diamonds or the natural ones you’re shopping for, here’s a helpful guide on the different cuts and styles to satisfy your penchant for these glistening stones: 

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1. The ever-classic round brilliant cut 

Undoubtedly, the most popular cut would be the round shape, which makes up for a big chunk of diamond sales, specifically in engagement rings. Perhaps the reason why it’s highly preferred by most people is because of its versatility. The round shape of the stone is easy to pair with other jewelry pieces––wedding rings, bracelets, and other rings on the hand.  (1)

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Additionally, there’s also the natural reflection and brightness that the brilliant round cut seems to produce from any angle. If you’re yearning for the perfect balance of clarity, cut, and color, this shape is a fail-proof option for both newbies and seasoned jewelry collectors.  

2. The tasteful Asscher cut 

Designed by the Asscher Diamond Company, the Asscher cut isn’t for everyone, but it’ll perfectly match a tasteful stone with subdued elegance. If you’re looking for something that offers unmatched clarity and flash, Asscher cut  diamonds are there for the taking. (2)

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You can easily spot the cut because of its distinct octagon shape. Since the four corners are cropped, it provides a spatial perspective not just to the wearer but also to people who would mindfully look into your fingers as you delicately hold or touch something. If you’re considering the Asscher cut, you can choose from two options: the standard cut that leans more towards the Art Deco style and the Royal Asscher cut with more facets and a higher crown than the standard one. (3)

3. The rectangular emerald cut 

Yet another classic beauty is the emerald cut, which is almost similar to the Asscher cut, except that it’s known for its rectangular and elongated shape. Although the cut is known for its rectangular shape, it also comes in square. It’s usually preferred by ladies who want to make an impression that they have slender and long fingers. Also, emerald shapes have a more open and bigger surface table, which makes it look elegant and more refined than the Asscher cut. However, since it has a more open table, blemishes are more noticeable. 

It’s essential to consider the clarity grade when choosing an emerald-cut diamond. The clarity is a significant element that impacts your diamond’s value and is usually noticeable at first glance, just like the stone’s color. Go for fewer inclusions and blemishes to ensure a better clarity grade of your precious jewel. (4)

Another factor that influences the appearance of your emerald-cut diamond is the setting. Although the shape looks perfectly elegant in different styles and settings, you can’t go wrong with the simple pave, solitaire, or three-stone setting.  

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4. The royal-like yet flexible princess cut 

Another favorite in the world of engagement rings is the princess cut. This timeless shape is perfect for brides who want to feel like royalty on their wedding day and all the remaining days after. The face-up form of this cut makes it flexible and versatile enough to complement a rectangular or square stone shape. 

Regardless of your preferred ring style, you can trust the princess cut to give it a modern yet elegant brilliance. What’s more, this cut is generally cheaper compared to other shapes and styles, which makes it an even more popular option among soon-to-wed couples. (5)

Conclusion: The cut makes all the difference 

Diamonds are notorious for making any woman’s eyes glitter with adoration and excitement. As such, it’s the perfect gift idea regardless of the occasion. Whether you’re a man who’s proposing soon or a stylish lady who enjoys the finest things that life has to offer, you can never go wrong with this precious stone. 

When shopping for diamonds, choose carefully and consider the level of elegance you want to achieve. The cut makes all the difference, so look into the different shapes and styles available to make sure you end up with nothing but the brilliant rock of your dreams.


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