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What You Can and Can’t Wear In College: A Quick Guide

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Students tend to have different opinions about what they can and can’t wear in college. Some of them believe that if there is no uniform, they can wear anything they want, no matter how sloppy it is. Others take great care to create complex daily outfits.

Whether you think that dressing up is appropriate or don’t mind wearing dirty sweats to class, this guide can help you change your mind. With the right approach to outfit selection, you can improve your college life and obtain an excellent dressing habit.

1. Keep it Clean

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Whatever you decide to wear in college, make sure it’s clean. If the only clean thing you have left is yesterday’s shirt, it’s time to ask your roommate for help. Clean clothes don’t just make you look tidy. They set you up for a productive day in class.

Dirty outfits aren’t a way to express yourself as some of your friends may feel. They show disrespect to teachers and students alike.

2. Short Skirts are Fine

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Long gone are the days when wearing short skirts were banned in college. Today, short girly skirts are just fine as long as you feel comfortable in them. They look amazing paired with a cotton top or a cashmere sweater.  

Plaid shirt skirts are in style in college. They look excellent with plain-colored tops and flats or sneakers.

3. Sweats are Good

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Sweat pants and sweatshirts are an excellent choice for a successful day in college. As long as you feel comfortable in such an outfit, there isn’t any reason why you should ignore it.

With a variety of different sweatshirt designs today, you can create numerous amazing outfits while staying comfy and cozy all day long.

4. Get a Letterman Jacket

Varsity jackets have been in style for over a century, and they aren’t going anywhere. They turned from being something only the best sports players wore into a popular garment for anyone who wishes to wear one.

You can find a variety of letterman jackets by VarsityBase and other companies to suit your personal style. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. These letterman jacket are a great addition to any outfit.

5. Rethink Torn Jeans

Ripped jeans seem to be going in and out of style. Once they are back in, think twice about wearing them to class. While they are not likely to get you kicked out, some professors may see such outfits as disrespectful.

Torn jeans are amazing for parties, concerts, and any other activities you choose to get involved in after class.

6. Rethink Your Jewelry

Excessive jewelry may make you look like a rock star at a party, but wearing it to class seems…well…excessive. If possible, try to limit the number and size of jewelry pieces you wear every day. Your professors are likely to appreciate it.

7. Pick a Comfy Bag

If you spent your senior year in high school hoping that your college school bag won’t be heavy, here is a surprise. It is.

Since you are likely to be walking around campus a lot, make sure the bag you choose is comfortable. Try to stick to backpacks so the weight is distributed evenly across your back instead of burdening one shoulder.

Leather or faux leather backpacks are a great choice. They look great and last long too.

8. Get the Best Sneakers

No matter how much you love shoes, boots, and flats, invest in a great pair of sneakers. They are likely to become your favorite part of any outfit.

Top-notch sneakers are a must-have for all college students. They are great for all occasions, from classes and morning runs to parties and dates.

9. Get a Long-Sleeved Cardigan

Did you know that some professors frown upon seeing too many of your tattoos? If you have more than a few, consider investing in a cardigan to hide at least some of them.

Even though some college professors have a bunch of tattoos themselves, it’s always smart not to flaunt yours too much.

Dressing up for college doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as your clothing is comfy, clean, and not too revealing, you are in good shape.

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