Fashion sense is not something that comes naturally to everyone out there. You need specialized knowledge and a particular interest in different styles to make way go in tandem with your personality. It is why experts believe that your fashion sense tells a whole lot about your personality.

Fashion is not just about a single item. It might include your dress, shoes, and accessories like watches, neckties, cufflinks, and lots more. Your underwear has its own story to tell about your personality. Your outer look and your inside look both are very important for your personality, and your underwear has a significant role to play. Just imagine, you are making out with your beloved girlfriend and your boxers or underwear, for any reason, turn her off. Nobody can afford to be in such a situation. A torn, untidy, or a low-level branded set of boxers can put you in an embarrassing predicament.

There are many different types of men’s sexy underwear, which can save the day for you on your special date night. Your choice of underwear or boxers can help you win her heart like a true champion. Now check the different types of underwear and how they reveal your personality.


Boxers have always been among the most favored product for men across the globe. According to psychologists, your choice of boxers reveals that you might be a relaxed and chilled guy. Since you opt for the comfort of boxers, it says that your personality traits include your love for freedom. It also tells that you might not be the person who enjoys going out a lot; instead, you stay at home in your leisure time and go about the domestic stuff comfortably. Despite your choice to be comfortable, you can still flaunt your fashion sense because boxers these days are available in many different styles that are more creative than ever.


For all those athletes out there, your choice of boy shorts of boxer briefs tells a whole lot about your personality and approach towards life. Yes, that is true! Psychologists believe that athletes or active people generally like to wear boy shorts or briefs. Their choice reveals that they are active, athletic, practical, and grounded people in approach, which turn their personality into an attractive one for the opposite sex. Shorts and briefs further accentuate the beauty of their athletic body, which is something loved by girls. The personality of these active lads can be flirty as well as cool, they can be easygoing and confident, and they can be fun to have a good time.


Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? If yes, then we are sure that thongs would be your ultimate choice. According to mind-readers, thongs are a choice for bullocks who seek attention and who like to stay in the limelight. Looking different and doing things in your way are the essential personality traits. That is what makes them confident, and they have what it takes to steal the limelight and become the center of attraction. Such individuals continuously evade their comfort zone and achieve the pinnacle of success in style.


Do you think you love traditions? If you represent the traditional school of thought, you would be in love with the traditional white briefs, or what they call it ‘Tighty-Whiteys.’ Being regular is a trait that is not that common in the millennials, but they are the people who like to keep it in discipline and play it safe. The white color is never out of fashion as it spells out grace in a person. Girls love the people who are traditional because such individuals are trustworthy and can rely upon for a relationship. So, don’t be shy and flaunt your conventional personality side with these white briefs.


Psychologists believe there is a group of people in society who swim against the tide; they don’t like rules and always have the intent and energy to be a rebel. They still do whatever they want. If you think there is a rebel in you, going commando is your way to go about it. These products not only show how free-spirited you are but also express your love for the attention and being different from the lot. Being a rebel is sexy, and your girlfriend would love this trait more than anything else. So let’s kick off the rebellion with commandos and take your sexiness to a brand new level.


The selection of fabric in undergarments holds a vital significance. If you don’t want to compromise on the comfort quotient, you should choose the material ever so more keenly. And if you are someone who loves to paint your style in light of the latest fashion trends, you should go for the silk fabric. Psychologists believe that the traits of glamorous, delicacy, sensuality, and classic are associated with silk fabric. So if you want to add these adjectives to your personality, you should choose silk as your go-to fabric.


Well, this is the second most common underwear style after white briefs. People love to be in animal skin to express their confidence. Experts believe, if you are someone who likes to flaunt their wild side through their undergarments, the animal prints are the way to go. Psychologists say that the people who want to sport animal prints are passionate and wild in their sexual encounters. They are confident and expressive and have the intent to go to any distance to turn their fantasies into reality.


There you have it all! Now, you must have genuinely understood the idea of using your undergarments to express the real you. Remember one thing your undergarments always have something to say about your personality. So the next time you are getting ready for a date or an event, you know which underwear you should wear. That is where you can make a huge fashion statement and let the other person know what type of person you are. It is your personal choice, and the best part is that not all of them out there would have access to your preference to be able to know who you indeed are. Only your someone special would eventually get to access your personal choice, so make sure you have a clear message in store for her. Good luck!


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