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How to wear an Ascot Tie like a pro?

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Bored of the shirt-and-tie appearance? An Ascot tie or entangled scarf can supplement a unique flair. This tie should be apparent for anyone who understands the Four in Hand.


The ascot remains a kind of neckwear that resembles a mixture between delicate scarf and tie. The ascot began in England while the modern 19th century, and it received its designation from the horserace described as the ’Royal Ascot’ – an independent horserace at which people were obliged to carry an ascot tie in sequence with a tailcoat tuxedo. Now the ascot tie is much less popular and normally used during extremely formal day-time events including formal weddings.

All about the ascot tie

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Gaining extensive universality in Western society within the 18th century, the ascot displayed an iconic representation of power in patrician societies of men. The ascot underwent a restoration through the drifts of the psychedelic song in the modern 1960s and newly in the 1970s including Mod style in the United Kingdom and subsequently on the European mainland. Ascots are modernly being used as informal style items to complement a semi-casual look for men. Comprehend the measures below to master how to tie an ascot and what to wear with your fashionable accessory.

How to make an ascot tie?

Here are ways to wear men’s ascot tie. Go through the steps and you will eventually be a master in it.

The Traditional Way

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Primarily, the right point requires to be approximately three to four inches longer than the remaining one. Next, the outer end, the elongated end, works above the left edge. What’s significant here is that the box-pleated portion is the section of the tie, and you require to hold this slightly tight.

So immediately, the longer edge goes back throughout around, up to within the back and down. This is how you can tie the traditional ascot. However, there are other ways to tie an ascot which we will explain the subsequent points. Keep an eye on the write-up as we continue explaining.

The Simple Knot

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Now comes the process of the simple knot. The simple knot is really really manageable as it’s only one knot. Either edge is of the same continuance and then you simply create one coil like so, and you tuck both edges in.

For this knot, you certainly have to modify it, and the difficulty is it’s a pretty obscure knot so above the requirement of the day it will display detached. It can be a difficulty with the traditional knot, but it can be more difficult for the simple knot. So, experts generally don’t recommend this style. But, if you want to practice and master the art, you can always try this one.


Here is the process by which you tie the half ascot. Broad end within the circle and you draw it fixed till you want it, modify it and promptly you simply bring this point through the rear, modify it and place it in. As you can understand, it’s not as rounded but can be it’s worthwhile when it’s especially hot outside, and you need less stuff on your chest. Forthwith that you understand how to tie it, there’s absolutely no reason to go with the half ascot, continually you must go with the actual thing; it looks greater, and it’s the system gentleman wear it.

Four in Hand Knot

The best way to tie an Ascot, the qualified four in hand assortment. Again, you require it throughout your neck, plus this time you require the right border to be approximately 2 inches longer. Instantly, what you arrange is you connect a normal four in hand tie bow.

Essentially, you use the longer point, get above and throughout. You can get over repeatedly, go through the end and now you go within the knot you designed and force it through. This possesses the authority that you can remarkably improve it and hold it really tight roughly in your neck simply like the regular tie knot.

Untying The Ascot

Concerning the Modified ascot bond, it’s necessary to unfasten it the equivalent way you fastened it, you need to bring the long end behind, and then you need to pull it up, simply like a regular tie bond. You can always release it the additional way through you perpetually risk that might rip it apart because of the stress it puts on it.

Victorian Ascot Knot

Start by wrapping the ascot around your nape, with the edges laying smooth on your breast. One surface should be higher than the additional one. Converge the longer edge of the ascot above the shorter edge. Now get the longer edge that you just crisscrossed over, and pick it up beneath your chin below the other surface. Put the long end after below on your breast, and ideally, the two edges will be approximately the same dimension at this position. Level and draw the two surfaces of the ascot extended for a uniform and tidy look.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the processes by which you can be a master in tying the ascot. Furthermore, if you are in search of something innovative yet chic, the Victorian knot as described above can truly help you. Also, you need to follow these processes with complete precision. Missing any point will lead to a wrong shape and you will not be able to tie it as the way you want it. Thus, make sure to follow the points in detail.

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