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Be a master in folding a pocket square by these tips

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A fold pocket square is solely the simplest style to update your jacket, sports coat, suit or tuxedo – and most essentially, it’s an affordable means to bestow your character.


The pocket square remains a beautiful accomplice that has witnessed a huge rush in demand over the preceding decade. But, till now there are various people who don’t know how to fold a pocket square. The origins of this once useful piece of material can be outlined back to thousands of ages. In early Egypt, a cloth similar to a hanky was generally taken by the employed man. These were handled to stay clean and sober throughout a long day of work. Ultimately, the handkerchief reproduced a comparable but functionally distinct sibling—the pocket square.

What is Pocket Square?

Pocket Squares remain the quintessential object for any fashionable gentleman. Unlike a common handkerchief which is displayed in the inner jacket pocket plus generally utilized for piping noses, a pocket square is used in the forward breast pocket, for artistic ideas only. When it proceeds to “how to fold a pocket square for a wedding”, there are quite a few absolute precepts.

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Nonetheless, we suggest avoiding pairing your tie and pocket square too firmly. Alternatively, look for a pocket square which complements plus distinguishes with the comfort of your appearance. When in difficulty, a simplistic white pocket square (including or without a melanistic edging) is a stylish choice. Read on to know how to fold a pocket square like James Bond.

Different ways to fold a pocket square

Pocket Squares are manageable and simple to wrap, follow this easy guide and you will be able to fold a pocket square like a pro.

Presidential Pocket Square | The Square Fold

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● Start including the pocket square completely released and even.
● Wrap it through the breadth of your pocket. In maximum circumstances, a fold right down the center should make it.
● Wrap it up from the base to create a complete rectangle the equivalent breadth as your pocket, and around half an inch longer.
● Tuck the back crease of the pocket rectangle into your opening and snug it below to the bottom. Modify as required to formulate a single continuous layer of apparent cloth running beyond the apex of the pocket.

One Point Fold Pocket Square | How to fold a silk pocket square

● Start including the pocket square completely released and level.
● Wrap it slanting down the center to shape a triangle.
● Through the bottom of the trio, where the crease is, wrap the doubled-over edge from the pocket square inside on one surface.
● Wrap the other edge. Create each crease the identical measurement and the pocket square approximately the breadth of your pocket. The pocket square must resemble like an enclosure: boxy on three surfaces including a triangular spike piercing up out of the tip.
● Glide the bottom pleat into your opening and tuck it all the way downward, covering the rectangular sides. The only noticeable part from the pocket square must imply the triangle leading straight up.

The Two Point Fold | How to fold a suit pocket square

● Start with the air pocket square completely released and smooth.
● Wrap it slanting. Turn the crimp right somewhat off-center, so that one edge lies only to the verso of the another.
● At the bottom of the triangle, where the crease is, overlap one from the doubled-over edges of the opening intersection inside.
● Wrap the other edge. Execute each crease with the same measurement and the pocket square approximately at the breadth of your pocket.
● Tuck the smooth rear of the crease into your pocket and snug it all the trail down until the perpendicular sides of the pocket square are effectively protected.

The Four Point Fold | The Cagney Fold

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● Start including the pocket square wholly flattened and level.
● Overlap the pocket square corner ways and right somewhat off-center, so that one edge lies only to the left side of the another.
● Wrap the back left corner slanting up beyond the crease, ending with the apex of the bend to the right of the prime two nooks.
● Wrap the back right corner likewise to make a mark to the left of the others. Connect the pocket square to secure all four spots approximately the same extent and uniformly spaced.
● If the wrapped pocket square is larger than your pocket, overlap the outside turns inside, tucking them under the four spots.
● Tuck the large portion of the pocket square within the pocket plus snug it down till just the four peaks are evident.

The Puff Fold

● Press the pocket square on the middle and make the ends and edges swing down.
● Connect the pocket square to dangle uniformly all throughout.
● Still pressing the middle, tug lightly on the dangling ends, extracting the square toward a loose tube pattern.
● Lightly flatten up from the back of the tube until the folded pocket square is small fairly to tuck into your pouch.
● Tuck inside your pocket till only the rounded cover of the pocket square is noticeable.
The Dunaway Fold
● Grasp the pocket square at the middle and make the ends and edges swing downwardly.
● Modify the pocket square so it swings comparatively straight all around.
● Still rolling the middle, tug smoothly on the dangling ends, picking the pocket square within a relaxed tube pattern.
● Modify the tube configuration and lay the loose ends out by your fingertips so they resemble relatively well-formed.
● Tuck inside your pocket so that simply the splayed sides of the pocket square are noticeable.


So, these are the ways to fold a pocket square like a pro. If you like variety, the above points will surely help you become a master in folding a pocket square like an expert.

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