Android apps to improve grades

Android apps to improve grades
Android apps to improve grades

Smartphones are one of those things that are very special in high schools. There are those schools that confiscate the phones as soon as they see them. And there are those schools that permit within the school premises. The truth is that if you use a smartphone very well, it will help you just like how a laptop will help you. There are very many applications in the smartphone dealing with professional writing services towards your academics.

These applications can help you to arrange your schedules in school. These applications can also help you to know the formulas to use in an equation. And how to come around it. So below are the applications that you as a student can use to improve your grades.

School assistant

If you are a student who studies in a traditional kind of school setting, Keeping track of how your schedules run is a little difficult. School assistant does not only organize your schedules. It also makes sure that you track the grades in your papers. It tracks the grades in real-time. To summarize this application, this app will sometimes mute your smartphone when you are in class. You can find it on google play.


It is an application that will help you with the calculations that you need. Calculators are now very essential when it comes to algebra and classes of calculus. Instead of buying a 100 United States dollar calculator, you have to install this application on your phone. This application mimics a calculator like the TI series.

Applications to scan documents

As a student, you also need applications that will help you to scan your work. These apps work to take a photo of the document and align it well on the phone. You can save it as a pdf or image. Them later you can print it whenever you like. The paper era is something that most schools still hold on to. Right now, we are moving to an era of softcopy. When you keep your papers on your smartphone, there are more organized than the ones you have a lot of paperwork. 

Wolfram Alpha

It applies, in particular, can cost you about 2.99 USD. But you buy it, this an app that is like the cheapest that a student can buy. You can try to put it in mind and take wolfram alpha to be google. But now, in this case, Google with direct answers. This application doesn’t just give you a lot of websites that you will need for your answers. But it will also give you direct answers to the questions. It has all the answers to every question bit it biology, mathematics, physics, or any other complicated subject you can think of.


Suppose you are one of those students who still find a hard time-solving number. Do not worry. Try photo math. Try this application. You have to take a pic of the complicated equation you are struggling with, and the application will help you break down whatever detail you need. It will also explain to you have it got the answer that you are seeking. 


They are very many textbooks that do not have answer keys. But you are using textbooks in school to teach them they should have those answer keys. Most school boards do not allow their students to use the examples in the textbooks. But they like their students to use textbooks that have quizzes. What slader does is, permits the students to share various answers to various questions in the textbooks.


There are very many applications that one can use. Buy these are just a few applications you can choose from. Get applications that are essential to your learning process. Get some guidance while selecting the applications.