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The top travel essentials for your holiday

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Travelling on holiday is always exciting. Whether your trip is a couple of days or a few weeks long you need to make sure you’re packed and ready ahead of time.

With that being said, holiday planning and packing can get a little too hectic. Keep reading this guide that breaks down the top travel essentials for you that will hopefully make your trip smoother.


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Before you begin planning what to take, you need something to pack all your things into! Choosing the right luggage for your trip means you can guarantee all your essentials will fit into it and it suits the requirements for your destination. Consider purchasing a bag with these features to make your journey easier:

  • Four wheels instead of two. The extra mobility takes the weight off your wrist and allows you to glide your bag next to you as you walk.
  • A warranty, in case the wheels, handle, or zips break.
  • Enough capacity. A small handbag won’t be enough for a few weeks and a large piece of luggage may be too cumbersome if you’re only travelling for a few days.
  • Lightweight construction. A light case or bag is easier to move around and won’t use too much of your airline’s baggage allowance. 

Travel pillow

Rather than tossing and turning in your seat trying to find a comfortable position that will allow you to sleep, consider taking a travel pillow with you.

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They have been designed with travel in mind (as their name suggests!) and fit snugly around your neck. This way you can take a nap comfortably without disturbing the person sitting next to you.

First aid kit

It’s always a good idea to carry a mini first aid kit with you – especially when travelling. You never know when it will come in handy, and if you are travelling internationally it may be difficult to find a pharmacy and get what you need.

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A kit can provide you with the tools you need to deal with minor injuries, as they can happen when you least expect them. Your first aid kit doesn’t have to be extensive, just pack what you think will come in most handy for you such as:

  • Bandages and plasters
  • Sterilising alcohol wipes
  • Sun cream and sunburn lotion
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-sickness and antacid tablets
  • Antihistamines or an EpiPen

While this list could go on forever, you should pack only the essentials that you will need for a healthy and enjoyable trip.

Face mask and sanitiser

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on a lot of things, including travel. Most airlines and airports now require you to wear a mask to travel, which is why carrying a few in your bag is always a good idea.

Carrying hand sanitiser is also essential as you can keep your hands clean after touching high-traffic surfaces such as escalators and lift buttons.

Portable phone charger

These days we rely on our phones for many things. And while travelling everything from your plane ticket to your credit card could be stored on your phone, so keeping it full of charge is essential.

Consider purchasing a portable power bank that, when fully charged beforehand, can fully recharge your phone up to four or five times. Don’t forget to take a charging wire too to connect your phone to the portable battery! 

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