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A Man’s Guide on What to Wear to an Interview

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As you prepare for an important job interview, you may spend time refining your resume and rehearsing what you will say to the hiring manager. While proofing your resume and outlining your responses are important ways to gear yourself up for a successful meeting, it is critical to put time and effort into choosing what you will wear to your interview as well. What you wear to an interview can make or break your chances of getting the job. Your clothes make a statement about who you are and what you bring to the table as an employee. Invest in a few high-quality basics and accessorize with an elegant Rolex timepiece to make the perfect first impression and snag the position. For the complete man’s guide on what to wear to an interview, consider the following tips. 

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  1. Buy Basic Pieces
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In preparation for your interview, buy a few basic business casual pieces to build the rest of your ensemble around. If you already have these items in your closet, pull them out and determine which options best pair together. For your interview, you’ll want to grab a button-down shirt, a blazer or jacket, nice pants, and a pair of dress shoes. 

  • Button-Down Shirt

Opt for a long-sleeve button-down shirt in a solid color with a muted tone, such as sky blue, light green, or soft pink. Bright colors may come off too bold in an interview, and black or white shirts can feel too stark. However, a white button-down can work well as a base if you plan to wear a blazer or suit jacket with a tie. 

  • Blazer or Jacket
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Blazers or jackets are not always necessary for a job interview, but it may be a good idea to have them as an option to add pizzazz and take your sophistication to the next level. Find a black, navy, or gray fitted blazer or jacket to wear over your button-down. 

  • Work Pants

As part of your ensemble, wear a pair of khakis or dress slacks to your job interview. These pants go well with button-downs and jackets and give you a polished, professional look. Grab a pair of gray or black dress pants, or pair your shirt with a tan pair of khakis. 

  • Dress Shoes
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The shoes you wear to an interview matter. Make sure you wear a pair that are clean and polished. Although loafers may be appropriate once you get the job, opt for black or brown dress shoes for the interview itself. 

  1. Focus on Form

When putting together your interview outfit, focus on the form the pieces create on your body. Avoid ill-fitting jackets, pants, or shirts that make you look frumpy and unpolished; instead, opt for a well-cut jacket that defines your torso and shoulders. In men, broad shoulders have long been associated with strength and health, so not only can defining your upper body help your interviewers see you as competent, it can help you feel more confident too. 

Similarly, wear pants that fit you correctly and have the proper pant break for your shape and style. A pant break is where your pants meet your shoes in a fold or crease. For a business interview, you probably want to opt for a slight, medium, or full break, although no break may be appropriate for interviews in fashion-forward companies. Think Korean fashion rather than high-water style. When you focus on the impression your clothing creates, you visually put yourself in the hiring manager’s position to see how they’ll view you when you walk into the room. By focusing on this aspect of your interview ensemble, you can boost your likability and make a memorable impression. 

  1. Tailor It with Ties

When it comes to job interviews, ties are a bit tricky. Wearing a tie can either up your sophistication and show the company you are taking your interview opportunity seriously, or they can make you appear too formal or stuffy when worn to an interview for a less “formal” position. Additionally, your tie’s design can impact the overall impression you make on hiring personnel. 

To decide whether or not to wear a tie, assess the position you are interviewing for. If it is a senior-level position in a conservative corporate environment, a tie is a safe bet. In this case, choose a tie with a muted design and basic color that matches your ensemble. If you are going for a position in a laid-back tech company, you can probably get away with a more business casual look and no tie. In an interview situation where you aren’t sure if you should wear a tie or not, opt to wear a basic yet high-quality tie to err on the side of caution. 

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  1. Align with Accessories

Aligning your interview outfit with the right accessories adds a polished finishing touch to your look. A full suit paired with a tasteful, high-end Rolex watch gives you a sophisticated appearance that lets the hiring manager know that you are confident and capable. Choose a luxury watch that complements your outfit. Go for a dual-tone gold and stainless steel Daytona to pair with a navy suit or a full stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual to match any button-down and khaki combination.

What Not to Wear

As necessary as it is to know how to build a winning outfit for your job interview, it is also helpful to acknowledge what not to wear to such an important meeting. When headed to an interview, don’t wear the following:

  • Too-casual clothing such as T-shirts or jeans
  • Inappropriate shoes like flip-flops or sandals
  • Clothing that is too baggy or too tight
  • Ties with crazy patterns or embroidered images
  • Cheap, gaudy jewelry 
  • Wrinkled or stained clothing

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Put Together a Winning Ensemble

When you know what to wear to an interview, putting together the perfect outfit is easy. Build your look from high-quality basics like button-downs, slacks, and jackets, and then customize the profile with sophisticated accessories like a high-end luxury watch or classic tie. With a winning ensemble, you are sure to create the right impression that gets you hired for the job. 

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