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“Gossip Girls” Blair Waldorf Inspired Outfits

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If you’re an avid watcher of the television show “Gossip Girls” then Blair Waldorf is a character that you are sure to recognize. Not only was she always dressed impeccably, but her outfits were often times original and trendsetting. If you want to try your hand at recreating some of her looks or just add them to your wardrobe.

Here’s a list of outfits inspired by Blair Waldorf!

  • The first outfit is a black and white polka dot dress with red heels. This classic look of Blair’s can be recreated by wearing an all-white or light-colored dress, accessorizing it with some colorful jewelry such as her signature heart necklace in all colors, and adding on bright red shoes to complete the ensemble!
  • The second outfit is a navy blue dress with gold heels. This classic look of Blair’s can be recreated by wearing a dark-colored or black dress with some metallic accents, accessorizing it just like she does, and adding on the same color shoes to complete this ensemble!
  • The third outfit includes a light-blue dress with a halter top and wide shoulder straps, all of which are very reminiscent of Blair Waldorf’s style. You can recreate this look by wearing the same blue color in whatever way you see fit – for example through nail polish or even earrings!
  • The fourth outfit is one that doesn’t follow any trends but instead just includes some basics from her closet: black jeans, an off-the-shoulder white shirt (with tuxedo stripes!), a denim jacket on top to give it extra detail, and snazzy red heels. Accessorize as she does such as using jewelry pieces like heart necklaces, silver rings, and maybe even wear sunglasses if you want to be really Blair Waldorf about things!
  • The fifth outfit is one that doesn’t follow any trends but instead just includes some basics from her closet: jeans and a black, sleeveless top. Add heels to make it more Blair Waldorf-like!

Blair always knows how to match the perfect shoes with the clothes she’s wearing, so we’re going over you should know too!

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In case of need for advice on what colors or styles go best with blue pieces in your wardrobe. There are four different types of color schemes that work well together (green & yellow; purple & pink; brown & orange; white and red) as well as one type of style scheme (monochromatic) that works well with any color.

Green & Yellow: green pieces are best paired with yellow, orange, or baby blue for a warm look; red is also complimentary if you want to add some more intensity!

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Purple & Pink: pink should be matched up with purple and lavender shades in order to create an elegant appearance.

Brown & Orange: brown goes great with oranges and yellows – these colors make the room feel cozy!

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White And Red: white pairs nicely with all reds except for deep burgundy which may clash too much.

Monochromatic Colors Scheme: use different shades of one color when creating your outfits in order to have a cohesive wardrobe. The key here is, don’t get too matchy-matchy!

Asymmetric: One way to keep your outfits from looking overly symmetrical is by just adding as little detail on the left side of an item. This creates a more interesting and unique feel for your outfit.

Go For Bold Patterns: Layering different patterns, textures, colors, etc., can create a vibrant look without feeling overwhelming or busy! When trying new combinations out always remember that it’s easiest to start with one piece at a time in order to see what works best together

Embrace Your Flaws: It may seem daunting when you first try styling yourself but don’t be afraid to experiment with clothing because everything looks better on someone else anyways. Who cares if something doesn’t work?

Does Blair Waldorf always look her best in all-white ensembles – her secret?

Adding splashes of bright colors! For example, she wore red earrings one day and added them to an otherwise white ensemble. You could also wear other pieces that are not quite as flashy but still add brightness such as brightly-colored jewelry (like those heart necklaces again!), colorful scarves, or even nail polish!

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