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How to Make A Best Intro Videos for Fashion & Style

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Digital marketing is now mostly about videos. Social media is swamped with thousands of videos that are being uploaded every day by brands that are trying to reach out to their audience. Videos have become incredibly popular on social media, and that is why brands are ready to spend a great deal of money to create them. At least 89% of video marketers have said that video gives them a better ROI than others. So, you can understand why, as a business owner, you should focus on videos.

But, to create an engaging video, you need to keep in mind a lot of things that play a vital role in the overall success of the same. One such aspect is the intro. Yes! If your video intro is not well framed, then there are high chances that people are not going to watch it till the end. That is why you should use a good intro maker and create good intros for your videos.

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If you are hoping to make a brilliant first impression among your audience, check out the best intro makers and intro templates here.

Best Intro Makers for Your Videos

Before we check out the best intro templates, let’s take a closer look at the best intro makers.

1. Adobe Spark – 

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Spark supports both mobile and desktop devices and is a great software that can help you create great intros. Adobe Spark is an industry-standard when it comes to creating and editing video intros. It has a lot of different features, which helps you to make an attractive intro. It is easy to use and offers quick rendering.

2. Filmora9 – 

Filmora9 is a powerful tool that lets you create intriguing and unique video intros of the best quality. The biggest reason for its popularity is the friendly user interface. It is easy to use and can help you create a great intro in a matter of minutes. You can utilize the green screen compositing, post-production enhancements, etc., to give your intros a polished look.

3. Animaker – 

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Animaker is free intro-making software with over 3 million users worldwide. Animaker has the world’s largest animation library that lets you create different types of intro videos and is a great tool, especially for beginners. If you believe that your brand can reach out to people with the help of an animation, then Animaker can be your best friend in this mission.

4. InVideo – 

InVideo is one of the best free software that you can use to create an excellent intro video for fashion and style. With more than 3500 templates, this software can totally be customized as per your need. With a simple-to-use interface and text-to-video tool, you can suffice your purpose with just a click. 

Best Intro Templates for Fashion & Style

Whether you are creating a fashion promo or just an advertising video, your intro should be able to portray the main theme of the video. That is why using the perfect template matters.

1. Fashion Intro Project – 

This is a speedy and glitchy slideshow that is best for promoting any promo or can also be used as a video opener. The video pallet consists of funky colors and details that will attract a lot of people. It has a bold and daring intro template that is truly perfect for your fashion video.

2. Intro Fashion – 

It is a clean and dynamic intro template that opens with a quick slide and wipes transition. It helps your audience to take a quick sneak peek of what is cooking in your video. The very simple yet colorful elements in the template make it very intriguing. For those individuals who love clean and minimal yet striking templates, this is the one they should be using.

3. Fresh Fashion Intro – 

It is a seamless style and fashion template that features a screen full of typography with many other elements. The quick and smooth slide transitions help you make your video intro more flashy. The new outlook towards a more gorgeous yet not very flashy design allows a viewer to continue watching the video.

4. Fashion Colorful Intro – 

Colorful and packed with customizable shapes or text animations, this template helps a brand to capture its audience really well. It is best suited for short videos. This template surely gives your intro a fresh modern outlook very well. If you love to add colors and make your videos creative, this is the template that is waiting for you to be used.

5. Relaxing Introduction – 

A smooth and subtle intro template, the Relaxing Intro is the best choice for any event promos or for promoting your products. It comes with 12 texts & 5 media placeholders. The dynamic and glitchy design gives a very unique and powerful look. It really goes by the name because the animations are so smooth that you will feel quite good when watching it.

6. Prime Glitch Intro – 

Another glitchy template, but the Prime Glitch Intro is definitely one of the best in the market. It gives a great deal of presence to your video and demands attention. It is jumpy and glitchy yet very polished and produced with very sharp looks. Prime Glitch Intro videos can really help you to get an edge over other peers who also have glitch intros.

7. Creative Intro – 

If you think that your videos need an intro that is mainly focused on text, then a Creative intro is your cup of tea. It features a powerful set of text effects that can help you to jumpstart your video in the best manner. You also get the option to customize the background as well.

Final Words – 

Intros make up an important part of every video that you are going to make. If your intro is good and engaging, then your videos are bound to experience more views. If you don’t pay too much attention to the overall quality of the intros, then your videos can actually suffer. 

In this blog, we have discussed both intro makers and templates. Check them out thoroughly and decide which one suits your brand the most. Let us know which template is your favorite!

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