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What is the Average Rent of a Studio Apartment in Atlanta, GA?

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If you are planning to move to Atlanta and looking for a suitable apartment to settle down in, chances are you might be confused with a lot of options of rental rates. Yes, comparing different rental prices is a difficult and time-consuming task. You may not even have all the information you want in this regard. So, to make an effort easier for you, and since you may need many options to find a suitable apartment, this article below will cover up the rental price of many types of apartments that also include studio apartments. Here is an apartment guide for Atlanta rent-wise. 

1-Bedroom Apartments

If you are living alone, you may want an apartment with one bed. This will also save a bit of money for you. On average, a one-bed apartment house in Atlanta costs around $1,457 per month. Compared to the previous year that had a $37 lesser rate, it is almost 3% more. In case you don’t know, apartment prices are rising every year for 3 to 5 years. Around 2,310 apartments with one bedroom are available to rent throughout Atlanta.

2-Bedroom Apartments

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Family with a child or individuals with a friend often go for two-bedroom apartments. In Atlanta, a two-bedroom apartment costs around $1905 per month on average. Surprisingly, this is 6% more than the previous year! Scattered across the city, there are 1,483 two-bed apartments.

3-Bedroom Apartments

Meddle sized families or groups of three friends are usually seen to rent 3-bedroom apartments. They are available at a price of $1,895 monthly on average, which is 15% higher than last year. There are 434 apartments like this in Atlanta. You can also check apartments for rent in tiburon in California to know how much apartment units in the city cost nowadays.

Studio Apartments

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Because of the covid-19 situation, apartment pricing has seen a major drop throughout the state. It’s true even for Atlanta. A studio apartment in Atlanta can be rented for $1,355, which is astonishingly 3% less than what it was just a couple of months ago. Fortunately, it is 5% less than last year. The rent for a one-bed apartment decreased too. For people who want a studio apartment to live in, there are 234 such apartments in this city.

Least Expensive Neighborhoods in Atlanta

If you want to have the best deal during this time, you should go for the neighborhoods that hold the most affordable apartments in them. Right now, the least expensive neighborhoods in this city will be Chosewood Park, that can have apartments with an average rent of $350, Adair Park, where you can find apartments for around $590 per months, and Brookwood, a neighborhood with an average rent of $820 per month. For more accurate pricing information visit the reputable rental platform

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For the different zip codes rent varies but the average rent of the studio apartments are as per the above details. The rent of the apartments is also changed from time to time. But, you can see minor changes in the price every year. To get the best deals on rented studio apartments, you should check the prices at regular intervals. You can also check rental market trends in Nashville, Tennessee should you be interested to move to this city since it’s close to Atlanta.

We hope this article will give you the price idea for the average rent of a studio apartment in Atlanta.

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