5 Cosmetic Essentials For Every Man


Gone are the days when you could get away with rubbing a bit of soap on your face and calling it a day. Times have changed and with them have standards of beauty and beauty norms.

Nowadays, not only is it encouraged, but it is expected for men to have a proper skincare routine and hygiene regimen. This is a great step in the right direction, but for many people, getting started can be a bit complicated. Especially since there are so many products to choose from, and if you google, you’ll be faced with innumerable things to do.

In this article, we’re telling you about 5 must-have cosmetics and hygiene products for all men, which will enable you to get started on your beauty and wellness journey.

  1. SPF

Regardless of your age, gender or nationality, SPF is a must. You shouldn’t go even a day without sunscreen, since the UV rays that are emitted by the sun can be highly damaging. Having high-quality sunscreen with you is extremely important, and necessary. There are a large variety of sunscreens available including one’s that are matte if you have oily skin, ones that are clear and do not leave a white-cast behind which is great for darker-skinned people, and more. Make sure that you buy a fragrance-free sunscreen that is non-irritating and provides long protection. Also, make sure to reapply it throughout the day.

  • A Moisturising Cream

Other than sunscreen, moisturizing cream that hydrates and nourishes the skin is a must. Generally, it can be observed that men tend to have drier and rougher skin than women, which calls for plenty of hydration and moisturization. You can find innumerable options in the market, each of which is tailored to meet a variety of specific needs, requirements, skin concerns, and more. A well-made, high-quality moisturizer can take care of most of your skin problems unless you have skin issues that call for Medicare treatment.

  • Fragrance (Deodorant/Perfume)

When we say fragrance, we mean both deodorant and perfume. Smelling good is important for both men and women, and the way we smell or our “aroma” can have a major impact on the way people interact with us. So it is important to not only keep body odor at bay but also to wear a signature scent that makes sure that you smell great all day. If you prefer using antiperspirants, then we suggest that you use unscented men’s deodorants,  as too much fragrance can be irritating and harmful if it comes in direct contact with sensitive skin like the underarm area.

  • Hair Serum/Pomade

A well-made pomade or hair serum is a must for every man and should always be on your shelf. Just washing your hair isn’t enough if you want it to actually maintain its shape and look good. You’ll notice that if you let your hair dry without any product in it, it will dry limp and shapeless. Applying some product, either a hair pomade or serum will help your hair hold its shape and stay in shape all day long. They also serve as a heat protectant if you want to style your hair using heat tools like a blow dryer or straightener.

  • Chapstick

Last but not least, you must always carry a chapstick with you. Chapsticks, which are also known as lip balms, are mixtures of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients that keep your lips soft and supple. Cracked lips are extremely unappealing and instantly make you look unkempt and disheveled. You can find chapsticks in a wide variety of flavors and colors, and yes, you can find colorless ones as well. Although it is up to your personal preference, buying one with a slight color payoff will make your lips look pinker and plumper.