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7 Stylish Ideas for your Chinese Fashion

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If you browse through any fashion magazine, you will find various Chinese fashion models. They are petite, sport porcelain-like skin and are known to be blessed with good skin and hair.

All these attributes ensure that they look like a perfect doll. These factors are the main reason why the Chinese models are in vogue across the world. 

Chinese Fashion: Loved by all

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Asia is known to be the abode for exotic textures and fabrics. While Indonesia is known for its rich batik handicraft China is known for its rich silks.

These are not modern manifestations but rather almost treated as a form of art that has been handed down from one generation to another. The fabrics are known to be rich and good quality silk that has intricate designs on the same.

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The fact that China is the largest silk manufacturer worldwide showcases the demand and love for this fabric. 

Most of the Chinese fashion comprises of clothes made from this exotic silk that is made from mulberry silkworms.  If you browse through the various history books you will see them extensively used in Ancient Chinese fashion.
All the robes of the Chinese emperors used to be made from this fabric itself.

Chinese Street Fashion is in Vogue

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Contrary to common misconception, the fashion scene in China is not only limited to wearing high-end silks and rich and thick fabrics. They also have lots to offer when it comes to street fashion also.

These are unique trends that have more or less originated in China and then gradually made a mark for themselves across the globe.

Here are 7 such stylish ideas for recreating Chinese fashion

Say Yes to Glasses:

If you thought that wearing glasses makes you look like a nerd, then think twice. The Chinese are known to love their glasses. One can almost term this trend as a national phenomenon where they wear these glasses as a fashion accessory and match them with the rest of their outfit.


The stylists are seen to use these glasses as an accessory and play with the various styles available in the market.

Play with Textures:

China is a textile hub, it is not surprising that their fashion scene has a lot of textures used in them. Chinese fashion trends see extensive use of textures. Right from prints to bright colors, they are known to play with the fabric used to make the garment.


The latest trend seen in 2019 is the use of loud and bright colors in clothes. The bright tone adds an instant pop in the color of the clothes and makes one stand out in a crowd. This trend is not only seen in informal or casual wear alone but also in formal wear.


The third Chinese fashion trend that is ruling the world is suited. This is a feminist wave that is sweeping across women worldwide. Many think and hold the opinion that wearing a man style pantsuit makes them look authoritative and professional.

This is the main reason why most of the professionals are known to opt for this look in a corporate scenario. In fact, statistics show that this year the sale figure of pant style suits for women is on a record-breaking high.


If you browse through the fashion magazines you will see most of the celebrities already sporting this look to look authoritative. A few such examples are Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez.

Ink Printing:

This is another trend that the Chinese fashion models are seen wearing on the ramp. This is a good example of old Chinese art and modern Chinese fashion.

Ink Printing

The traditional handcraft of China is used in modern textures and prints. It is almost like a revival of a lost form of art in China and is gaining popularity and mileage across the world. It is a good combination of old and new China.

Pick Sneakers:

Gone are the days when fashionistas used to think that sneakers are not fashionable. It was almost considered a big no in the fashion circuit. Now, the trend is changing.


Many of the Chinese fashionistas are changing the game rule by teaming up dresses with sneakers and long coats with sneakers. These combinations were considered to be hideous and those who wore them were labeled fashion fallouts even a few seasons back.

However, now people are moving to fashion that is comfortable and wearable and hence this trend has emerged.

Sling Bags:

The Chinese are in love with their accessories. This is evident the kinds of bags that they always carry with them are always on point. These bags are well coordinated with the rest of the attire and available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

Sling Bags

Long Coats:

This is the last but certainly not the least of the Chinese trends that are ruling the world fashion. Long coats in various colors have always been a favorite amidst the Chinese celebs.

Long Coats

The long coats are available in a plethora of colors. So while the most favored ones are the neutral color coats a few also prefer pop up colors to look distinct.

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Here are 7 stylish ideas that they would help to revamp your wardrobe and align the same with the Chinese fashion trends. These 7 style trends are ruling the fashion scene across the globe. These trends relate to the kind of fabric used and the prevailing fashion dictate in China.

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