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Importance of Fashion Journalism in Fashion Communication Degree

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Fashion journalism has transformed from its days of print magazines. With the rise of the digitally-driven audience, every publication is available at our fingertips. In times where journalism is fuelled by blogs, digital magazines, and social media, the importance of fashion journalism is rising steadily. This has resulted in fashion communication graduates seeking a career in fashion journalism to meet the increasing demand. If you plan to study fashion communication degree to pursue your interests, you need to pay special attention to fashion journalism. It has the potential to boost your career into overcharge. 

What does fashion journalism entail?

Whether you are a fashionista at heart or the early days Andrea Sachs from ‘The devil wears Prada’, there is no doubt that fashion influences our lives. Fashion journalists honour and celebrate fashion through their work. Fashion journalists are the windows of the fashion industry. They keep an eye out for the latest trends of this ever-changing world and engage our lives in it. However, fashion journalists are not the only part of fashion journalism. Fashion journalism encompasses writers, photographers, editors, presenters, art directors, graphic designers, and much more. From magazines and newspapers to the entertainment industry and social media, fashion journalism makes its mark across various sectors worldwide. 

Careers in fashion journalism 

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Depending on your skills and forte, there are many successful career paths to follow in fashion journalism. However, before you select your vocation, it is crucial to receive a well-rounded education from an institution renowned for its superior tutelage, like the Pearl Academy. These institutions will provide you with a solid foundation and essential industry exposure as well as better opportunities. Whether you seek employment or choose to set up your own enterprise, a good education in fashion communication would be second to nothing.

Now let us explore the popular careers in fashion journalism. 

Public relations

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Public relations is the bridge between fashion companies and consumers. It inculcates interest in the masses for a particular fashion brand. PR experts often write press releases and conduct press conferences to generate awareness and the brand’s latest development. They network with journalists, fashion icons, brand ambassadors, social media influencers, and other media people to promote the fashion brand. As a public relations professional, you have to develop innovative techniques to encourage sales, generate a robust public image, and create consumer interest for the company. 


Fashion writers create content for all the magazines, websites, social media posts, newspapers, and television features you come across. They often work with a team of editors, photographers, marketing professionals, designers, celebrities, and media influencers to reach a larger audience. One of the most popular and hence most competitive streams, your work as a fashion writer will reflect the fashion industry’s inner workings and current trends. If you have a penchant for the written word, a degree in fashion communication with a specialisation in fashion journalism would be the perfect combination for this career. 


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A natural progression from writing, a fashion editor looks over the overall process of planning, creating, managing, and marketing fashion-related content to the audience. While a fashion writer would create content, editors decide the voice and message of the content. They need to have management skills and marketing skills to present fashion-related content to an interested audience. 

Parting thoughts

Fashion journalism is an integral part of the fashion industry. If you wish to pursue a career in fashion journalism, a degree in fashion communication focusing on fashion journalism would be a great way to incorporate your creative skills, love for fashion, and communication skills. 

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