Perfect Dresses to Wear To a Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding
Summer Wedding
Got an invitation to a summer wedding? If your first thought was what you should, then we cannot only relate but also help you find the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding. Putting a dress together with the right kind of accessories and makeup will put you in the spotlight. Before buying any dress, be mindful of the venue, theme and body type, so you do not spend money on a dress that does not make you stand out from the crowd. If you do not fancy spending hours in shopping malls exploring various shops to pick the perfect dress for you, then do not worry, you can pick from a large variety of realization par dress. Before you read on about different types of wedding and the perfect dress for each type, let us give you a few generic tips which will apply to all kinds of a summer wedding.  Theme We know you want to stand out but stand out in a good way. Do not be an odd one out and respect the theme hosts has decided for their wedding. If it is a Costa Rica Destination Wedding Photographer , do not dress up as if it was a traditional wedding, dress up accordingly. You can pick the perfect dress according to the theme from the collection of Realization par dresses.  Know your body type Once you know the theme, it is very important to know your body type and pick a dress that compliments your figure. If you are petite, look for options with frills, so it gives you a fuller look. If you are bulky, avoid dresses that gather on the waist or hip. Buy a dress that enhances your curves and compliment your figure. For short people, horizontal stripes are a no as they will make you look even shorter, rather go for vertical stripes.  Dress Code Try to respect the dress code mentioned on the invitation card. Hosts invest a lot of time in planning their wedding so if they have mentioned cocktail dress on the card or long gown buy a dress accordingly. You will find multiple options in-store and online which you can buy for a summer wedding.  Do not Over or Under Dress Whether it is a traditional or beach summer wedding, try to dress accordingly. If it is a beach wedding, it does not mean you can wear extremely casual clothes and go without your make up on or if it is a traditional wedding, you can wear a dress that is suitable for a beach wedding. Read carefully about the type of wedding and then plan your dress and accessories accordingly.  Enjoy the Prep A wedding is a wedding regardless of the venue, so treat it like one. Have some fun while choosing your dress and pair it with stylish shoes and accessories. Try to experiment with colors, designs, cuts of the dress. Most of the time, you cannot judge how a dress will look on you without trying, so we always recommend trying the dress on before purchasing. In case you are buying online, it is better to order one size up, so you have some room for alterations if required. Also, buy beforehand so you have time for required alterations and you save yourself all the last minute hassle. Do not forget your accessories Every dress is incomplete without accessories. Explore your options, and try on the pieces that compliment your dress. We suggest deciding the hairdo before getting the jewelry, so you know what kinds of accessories will compliment your dress the best. If you are going for an up-do, a nice choker with a cocktail dress will enhance the overall look. If you are going for beach waves, big hoop earrings will be your best bet.  

Do not forget Cocktail Catering

when we talk about luxury , we see cocktail party. it’s look like luxury is not looks complete without the mobile cocktail catering. Types of weddings and perfect dresses Classic or Traditional Wedding Classic or Traditional weddings call for a formal dress paired with stylish stilettos. Traditional weddings usually take place in a formal indoor setting. Whether it is a long gown touching your ankles or a short dress just below your knees, make sure to pick a dress according to your body type. Unlike, other summer weddings, traditional weddings call for a more formal and sleek look so pick a one color hue or small print dress. In the indoor setting, you will have a wooden floor, so a pair of stilettos, sleek up-do, and your favorite studs and bracelet will make you look chick effortlessly. Vintage Wedding Vintage Weddings speak out midi length dress, curls, eyeliner and kitten heels out loud. We love vintage weddings because of the room they provide us to get creative with our looks. We know you want a midi dress with 70s hair and 60s eyeliner but hey, do not go overboard with it. You can pick a nice lacy vintage midi-dress and keep it simple with other accessories to complement the look. Midi-length dresses are back in fashion, so do not shy away from flaunting the look if you are a fan just like us. Wait, you feel something is missing? Grab a pair of gloves you got once but never wore. You are welcome! If the wedding is outdoor, make yourself look great in a pair of comfortable wedges.  Beach Summer Wedding  What could be more fun than a beach summer wedding! If you are invited to a beach wedding, a flowy, floral maxi dress would be ideal. The style depends on your body type, but something flowy, airy, colorful with beautiful print should be your ideal pick. Wearing heels to the beach is a big NO even if it is a wedding, so you need to grab a pair of sandals to enhance the overall look of your dress. Just because you cannot wear a dress or shoes with heavy embellishment s, does not mean you can dress up. Delicate jewelry will make your look complete. Beach waves or loose ponytail will be your ideal pick when it comes to hairdo. The most important aspect of your outlook for a beach wedding should be your make up. We all love the natural bronze sun-kissed look. Do not go for shimmers for the outdoor venues, rather matte lip color and bronzer is your go-to option for beach weddings.  Conclusion  Choosing a perfect summer wedding dress can be a tricky choice if you do not keep the theme, dress code and the type of wedding in your mind. Plan, so you have enough time to explore your options and make the right choice. With a little effort, you can pick a perfect dress and accessories to make you stand out from the crowd at any summer wedding.