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The Story behind fashion glasses as a style statement

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Let’s be honest! We all like to follow fashion trends whether it is to color our hair, streak it, go with the current clothing trends or even go to the extreme of tattoos or piercings.

One such trend which has been doing the rounds is wearing fashion glasses. There was a time when people who were forced to wear glasses were trying to surgically correct their eyesight to avoid glasses.

Fake Fashion Glasses

And now, with the kind of lovely fake fashion glasses being made, people are taking to wear glasses just as a style statement. 

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Clothes do have a large hand in changing one’s looks. But nothing can actually replicate how glasses can actually transform you. It is almost like an alternate version.

Fashion glasses can make you look like a completely different person altogether. Is there any other accessory that can give you such a different look? Probably not! It updates your style and gives a refreshing look. 

Current Trends in Fashion Glasses

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These days, the cat-eye, oversized, geometrical frames are all the talk for men as well as women. If you are looking for subtle looks then transparent frames would be a great idea.

If you are looking for something bold then embellishments or colored rims are quite the thing. Thin lightweight frames or bold red shades would make you quite the trendsetter. We are seeing quite a few color combinations or prints in trend.

The trendiest seems to be the full-rim or the half-rim tortoiseshell frames. As far as colors go – it is red, brown, black or clear (for more subtle tones). 

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Fashion Glasses For Men

Gone are the days of the plain rectangular frames or the metal ones for gentlemen. There are so many styles and shapes that a person cannot just settle on one. Let us look at some styles for fashion glasses for men :

  • Double bars or aviators are quite the classic choice which says confidence and bold. Now they come with a bold change with metal and plastic combinations which gives a good fusion of colors. A plastic front that is strong and temples that are thinning gives a good contrast. 
  • Clear frames are evergreen and always a part of the style trends. These are simple but also classic. Being a see-through model, it complements a man’s features. As compared to bold glasses that pull attention to themselves; these glasses give focus to one’s face.
    These days the detailing that goes into such clear frames itself is quite impressive. Clear frames come in brown, smoke as well as citrine quartz. 
  • Round glasses give you that perfect nerdy and cool look. Don’t get carried away by the typical Harry Potter frames. That is a thing of the past. Even in the round, there are a variety of shapes that can give your features enhancement.
    However, do keep in mind that when you go in for round fashion glasses for men, they should not sit on your cheeks and also ensure that the eyebrows are not showing through the lenses completely. It would just spoil the look. 
  • Other styles are sleek titanium glasses, glasses with no hinge screws, frames made from organic materials like wood, rimless glasses, 3-D printed and so on.

Fashion Glasses for Women

Women and fashion glasses go well together. It gives you a very smart as well as a sexy look and would definitely turn heads if you choose the right style. 

  • Cat eye glasses are always a great style statement right from the days of Audrey Hepburn. If you decide to go for fashion glasses for women and want the cat eye then try the bold red or black.
    Black would be a neutral color and goes very well with skin tones that are light; while red would be bold. This kind of frame gives you a retro and yet stylish look. 
  • Round glasses are a comeback for both men and ladies. These are great for a posh or work look. Those who have square features; this kind of frame would do wonders for your face. 
  • Hipster or geek style glasses are no longer purely nerdish. These are quite the ‘in’ thing. Women with oval or round faces would look good in these kinds. 
  • Oversized glasses make just the right style statement. You can experiment with these and you can try various kinds of shapes. 
  • Clear frames – One can never go wrong with these. They compliment your features and actually light up your face. 

Kids Fashion Glasses

There was a time when getting good prescription glasses for kids was difficult. You hardly had any choice or selection. But now, with the various kinds of shapes and colors, it gets difficult to choose just one frame and many kids and teens love going for kids fashion glasses.

The first thing to remember is to let your kid choose so they would be happy and the second most important point is a comfort. If your kid is not comfy then there’s no point in the glasses is there now? Just make sure that the shape you choose is in contrast with your kid’s face shape.

The color should reflect his/her personality and compliment him/her. Size should be generally in proportion with the face.

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From the above styles, it is quite obvious, that there is a wide range of fake fashion glasses that one can choose from. Getting the right kind of frames that would fit your taste, wallet, as well as face, might seem like quite a difficult task.

However, with the above tips, we hope that it will be easy for you to select. You do not necessarily have to go towards all big labels. These days there are many reputable fashion glasses/eyewear manufacturers with some awesome products.

Eyewear has really evolved over the past couple of years and you have some lovely choices. 

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