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How to sell clothes on Instagram

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Clothing and fashion brands are some of the most active and fastest-growing companies selling on Instagram today.

Let’s take a closer look at how some of the best brands in the industry have used Instagram to drive sales and grow their business. Today we will share with you insider tips on how to sell clothes on Instagram.

Presentation of clothes on Instagram page

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First of all, you need to focus on creating high-quality content. Don’t sell the clothes in every post. Try to post photos or videos of clothes as your third or fourth post in a while.

Try to focus on 2-3 posts every day about the brand itself. Also, you need to post about the behind-the-scenes photos/videos. You can take a particular color palette. Focus on particular colors and try to have content in those particular colors.

Getting good jump-start

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It’s very important to have a good jump-start before launching campaigns. Try to get high-quality Instagram followers before launching anything. It’s very important to have loyal and quality followers.

How to sell clothes on Instagram
How to sell clothes on Instagram

We mentioned the word ‘loyal’ because they have to engage in most of the posts. It will increase the organic reach and your account’s post will be visible for many people through the news feed. The algorithm of Instagram is getting smarter every month, so accounts that have a bigger engagement rate will win a long-run campaign.

Collaborate with the influencers

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You can collaborate with the influences. It’s the biggest and hottest market on Instagram currently. You can find influencers in every possible industry. It’s better to focus on influencers who are personally known in the industry.

Don’t go for fan pages, work only with authentic pages. Keep in mind that the engagement rate is very important.

What could be the ideal engagement rate? Something between 5-10%. If the influencer’s post is getting around 10 000 likes when the account has more than 1 million followers, then the engagement rate is 1% and it’s too low.  

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