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How I Got the Best Haircut in My Life

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I am very picky when it comes to getting a haircut. So, I always make sure to get the best haircut because it can change your whole look. And, I am not talking about a trim or a buzz cut – but a brand-new, proper haircut. I used to feel less than comfortable with new barbers because I didn’t know if they can actually give me a look I want.

So, I set out to discover the best ways to ensure the first time experience with a new barber goes smoothly. The results were amazing! In this short guide, I will share those tips with you too so you can also get the best haircut of your life:

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Tip #1: Don’t Ever Go To a Bad Barber

Yes, I know it sounds obvious, but you should definitely do your homework before sitting in the chair of a new barbershop that you don’t even know has professional barbers.

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The best way to get the most terrible haircut is to go to a terrible barber. I mean it is simple – if you want to get something good, you should go to someone good. However, someone good doesn’t mean the most expensive barbershop in town. There are numerous ways to find great barbershops and barbers near you without getting confused.

One of the best ways is finding the right barber or barber shop near me . You can narrow down your search by searching by City, Barber, or Barbershop. This amazing site will help you find the best barber or barbershop in town as you can see their photos, ratings, and reviews. Another great thing about the site is that you can also leave your reviews about barbers and barbershops.

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Tip #2: See If You Feel Compatible with the Barber

If you don’t have chemistry with your barber, you might end up getting a haircut that isn’t even near to what you wanted in the first place. It is an excellent idea to stop into the barbershop near you to meet with the professional before actually booking your appointment with him.

The more the barber knows about you, your hair, and what you are looking for, the better the chances are for you to get the best haircut of your life.

Tip #3: Communicate With Photos and Don’t Use Hair Lingo

I know you want the best haircut, but I suggest you not to use hair-cut related terms because these words might not exactly mean what you are thinking. You might be asking for the wrong thing! So, what you can do and MUST do is show a photo as reference. Yes, most people feel embarrassed to pull out their phone to show the barber a few examples of their ideal haircut. I used to be like this as well but trust me you will be making it easier for you and your barber by showing him a photo of the haircut you want.

Plus, it is much convenient to say that “I like this haircut” rather than saying something that you are not really used to (using hair lingo). This is because the image of a haircut in your mind may be different from that of your barber’s.

Tip #4: Be Open for Professional Recommendations

Sometimes the haircut you want is impossible due to several factors, such as your hair type, length, etc. So, if your barber recommends you some other haircut than what you are looking for, try to understand that he is not necessarily trying to steer you away from your desired haircut but suggesting you a better one that will suit your personality, hair, and face.

Tip #5: Don’t Use Your Phone During a Haircut

Getting a brand-new haircut and posting a selfie on Snapchat or Instagram story is considered essential nowadays. Well, you can use your phone later but using it during the haircut is not good for you and the barber who is trying to give your hair a dapper look.

Looking down on your phone makes it nearly impossible for the barber to cut your hair properly as your head is continuously moving. So, it is better to get off your phone and focus on how the barber is cutting your hair.

These are some tips that I always apply whenever I want to get the best haircut. You can also follow them and reap the rewards.

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